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Banker's lamps, placed atop desks, provide focused task lighting while adding a touch of classic charm to the workspace.

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The banker's lamp embodies a classic style of an electric desk or table lamp, known for its elegant brass stand, complemented by a tasteful green glass lamp shade and operated with a convenient pull-chain switch. This iconic lamp received its initial patent in the United States, marketed under the brand name "Emeralite." Over time, it has gained widespread popularity, becoming a staple in libraries throughout the United States, and has further achieved recognition through its appearances in numerous films and TV series. Besides the standard version, you can also discover variations featuring glass shades in different colours and equipped with alternative types of switches.




Banker's lamps, also known as accountant's lamps, have earned a reputation for being favoured by the affluent and elite class of society. Nowadays, they have become quite common fixtures in libraries, banks, lawyer's offices, and various academic environments — you can practically find them everywhere if you look closely. Banker's lamps were thoughtfully designed for comfort, featuring rounded green shades that are gentle on the eyes. The green-tinted light facilitates reading and writing, making it easier for those who spend extended hours engaged in these activities. It is no surprise that these lamps have withstood the test of time, lasting for over 100 years, surpassing the longevity of many other types of lamps.




Task Lighting: The banker's lamp provides focused and adjustable lighting, making it ideal for tasks that require good visibility, such as reading, writing, and working on a computer.


Reduced Glare: The green glass shade of the lamp helps to reduce glare and eye strain, as it filters and softens the light emitted by the bulb.


Durability: High-quality banker's lamps are built to last, often featuring sturdy materials like brass or metal for the base and a durable glass shade.


Desk Space Saver: The design of the banker's lamp is typically compact and takes up minimal desk space, making it suitable for smaller workstations.


Versatility: While banker's lamps are often associated with traditional or vintage decor, they can also fit well with modern and contemporary styles, depending on the overall interior design.


Energy Efficiency: Many banker's lamps use LED or energy-efficient bulbs, which help save energy and reduce electricity costs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.


Adjustable Light Angle: The adjustable shade and often flexible neck of the banker's lamp allow users to direct the light precisely where it's needed.


Ideal for Reading: Due to its focused lighting and reduced glare, a banker's lamp is an excellent choice for reading or studying, especially in dimly lit environments.