Exhaust Fans without Light

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Exhaust Fans without Light

An exhaust fan without light is suitable for bathrooms, toilet, kitchen or rooms that already have an existing light source. A well ventilated room is important where moisture, bad odours and mould is an issue. Opting in for an exhaust fan will give you piece of mind, eliminating any health concerns from mould build ups.

Whatever the layout of the room and its dimensions, we have an exhaust fan, without a light, catered to your room type i.e. bathroom, toilet, kitchen etc. We stock big brand names in exhaust fans, including: Brilliant Lighting, Heller, Martec, IXL, Mercator and Ventair.

We have a great selection of round, square and dome shape exhaust fans with either a IPX2 or IPX4 rating. Browse through our catalogue of exhaust fans without light and match which style and design suit your room type. For any further assistance, feel free to contact us via our website.