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Pedestal & Wall Fans

Installing a ceiling fan can be quite expensive. Firstly, the fan itself can be quite costly, but, the cost of hiring an electrician for installation - can really push the cost to uncomfortable levels, however, it is well worth the price if you have the budget. Pedestal fans and wall fans are a simple and effective way to save on costs and they do the main job of keeping you cool. Our great range of products comprise of high quality craftsmanship, superior reliability, and unbeatable durability. Whether you choose a desk fan, stand up fan (with remote) or a wall mounted oscillating fan, you’ll be in relaxing comfort when the weather heats up.


Pedestal fans are the most versatile cooling appliance since they are a perfect solution for a small room or apartment due to their portability. A lot of renters usually opt for a stand-up fan since they are affordable and easy to assemble. Standing up fans use less electricity than their counterpart - ceiling fans. Our best hack when using a pedestal fan is to place it beside the window at night or in the early morning. This allows cool air to be pulled in from the outside, circulating throughout the room, keeping the temperature down.


Often the only fan solution households consider are the ceiling fan variety. If you have raked ceilings, or ceilings that are either extremely high or low, ceiling fans, can be a challenge to install and often are not be the best solution. Now don’t be saddened, a wall fan can function just as good, if not better than a ceiling fan. Wall fans are more functionally flexible as you can angle them at the exact spot you need, or you usually have the option to oscillate the head back and forth to vary airflow direction.


We have different styles of pedestal and wall fans, available in plastic or metal, to suit any budget. We supply them in many styles, such that hopefully you can find one that matches the rest of your decor. We have both indoor and outdoor fans to choose from, so whatever the application you require, we’ve got something that will cater to your needs. We stock all your favourite brands, these include, but are not limited to: - Atlas Fans, Fanimation, Heller, Mercator and Ventair.