Wall & Window Exhaust Fans

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Wall & Window Exhaust Fans

If you’ve contemplated, but soon forgot the idea to install an exhaust fan where excessive moisture, hot air and bad odour is a problem, you may need to reconsider it. Exhaust fans are an excellent choice for a number of reasons, but the main applications are to ventilate the room and effectively prevent excess moisture building up in damp areas.

A room where there is limited ceiling space available, a wall or window exhaust fan is a viable choice as an inexpensive option. It’s suitable for the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, laundry, or areas where there is excessive moisture and the area is not well ventilated. We have several different styles of wall/window exhaust fans that have the following IP ratings - IPX2, IPX4, IP20, IP44, IP54 and IP65.

If you are replacing an existing wall exhaust fan, ensure the hole size is compatible with the new fan. Remember it is easier to make the hole bigger rather than filling the hole to make it smaller. However, if there is no way to vary the hole size to install the exhaust fan, another option is to install a window exhaust fan. Window exhaust fans allows you to install it in the window without drilling any holes. This will save a lot of labour work, time and costs.