Outdoor Wall Lights

The darkness of the night can be a real mood killer, especially when you're trying to enjoy your outdoor space. Whether you're looking to entertain guests or simply relax after a long day, inadequate outdoor lighting can put a damper on your plans.


Don't let the lack of proper outdoor lighting ruin your outdoor experience. Straining to see in the dark or stumbling around your yard can be frustrating, not to mention potentially dangerous. And let's be honest, no one wants to hang out in a dimly lit outdoor space.


Enter outdoor wall lights! These stylish and functional fixtures are the perfect solution to brighten up your outdoor space. Not only do they provide ample lighting, but they also add a touch of elegance to your home's exterior. With a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect outdoor wall light to match your taste and complement your home's aesthetic.


Upgrade your outdoor lighting game with outdoor wall lights and transform your outdoor space into a beautifully lit oasis. Don't let the darkness win – light up your life with outdoor wall lights!


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Outward Facing: These outdoor wall light incorporate a globe-shaped or lamp fixture, casting a soft, ambient glow instead of a direct beam.


Downward Facing: Downward-facing outdoor wall lights are an excellent choice for enhancing the illumination of stairs or any space where directing light towards the ground is desired. 


Upward Facing: Upward-facing outdoor wall lights is ideal for accentuating architectural intricacies and highlighting finer details, these lights are also an excellent choice for creating a sense of spaciousness.


Up/Down: With their ability to project light both upward and downward, these lights are particularly very common for illuminating outdoor spaces. 


Adjustable: By providing you with the flexibility to direct the light wherever you desire, this offers you a simple way to customize your outdoor lighting setup.




Location: Take into account the environmental conditions of your location, such as whether it is dry, wet, or stormy. This will help you choose lights that can withstand the specific weather challenges.


Basic Needs: Determine the purpose of the lighting - whether it's for accentuating specific areas, providing ambient lighting, or serving as task lighting for functional purposes.


Budget and Power Access: Consider your budget and decide whether you prefer wired lights or solar-powered options based on the availability of power sources and your energy efficiency goals.


Design and Materials: Choose outdoor wall lights that align with your design preferences and match the materials used in your outdoor space. This ensures a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look.


Bulb Types: Consider different bulb types, such as fluorescent, halogen, or LED, based on factors like energy efficiency, longevity, and the desired lighting effect.


Lighting Aesthetic: Select outdoor wall lights that complement the overall lighting aesthetic you want to achieve. Ensure that they blend well with the décor and style of your home.



The required number of lumens for outdoor lights varies based on their intended purpose and use. Typically, outdoor accent and ambient lighting are effective within the range of 100-200 lumens. Motion sensor lights, designed for enhanced security and detection, usually range from 300-700 lumens. When it comes to floodlights, which are intended to provide high-intensity illumination, a recommended range is 2700-5000 lumens, taking into consideration the size of the area to be covered.

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