Lighting Design Service

There are lots of things to think about when planning the lighting design of your home, like where to put the lights or how big of a ceiling fan you need. But knowing where to start can be very challenging. Don't worry though as we're here to help with every step of your lighting project, so let's get started!

When you arrange for a Lighting Design Service with JD Lighting, you'll work with one of the most experienced team of Lighting Specialists to develop the perfect lighting plan. Get started today by booking an appointment!

How do we tailor your Lighting Plan?

  • No lighting plan is ever the same. Your lighting plan will be individually tailored to your unique needs and budget.
  • We recommend products based on your end goals, whether it's for rental, renovate to live or renovate to sell at a higher value.
  • Learn how to generate a higher return on investment through energy savings with lighting & fans.

We analyse your lighting plan to find all opportunities and challenges that could present in every corner of the plan. Then we will walk you though a comprehensive step-by-step process to select lighting and fan fixtures based on your requirements and needs. You will also gain full access to our team's decades of lighting experience so no question is too technical.

What types of properties do we specialise in?

  • Residential (Landed Homes, Apartments, Townhouses, Units)
  • Commercial (Retail Fitouts, Office Fitouts) 
  • Industrial (Warehouses, Factories)

We have two dedicated teams that are experts in their own fields. Our retail team are specialists in residential lighting and are very skilled in recommending lights & fans that suit the type of residential property and budget you have. When it comes to commercial and industrial lighting, you will have access to our commercial team who specialises in large scale projects where efficiency, safety and performance are top priorities.

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