Ceiling Lights

Oyster Lights and Flush Mount Lights illuminate rooms with low ceilings. 

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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are commonly used for general purpose lighting since it provides glow that is sufficient for working, entertaining and relaxing. It is important to choose the right ceiling light to get the most use out of them, below are fundamental factors to consider before purchasing for your home or business.  


Size & Placements

To attain a well-designed space, it is essential to have the right dimension ceiling light made to suit for that room. It can be overwhelmingly confusing when there are different size ceiling lights and designs available and this makes it hard to look for the right one for your needs. To make this process simple, make sure you know the room size and ceiling height.  


For an optimum performance of glow, the common placement for ceiling lights is in the centre of a room. However some people prefer to place it on other part of the room where it require more task lighting. It all boils down to personal taste.   


Type & Designs

There are many type of ceiling lights available on the market, these lighting fixtures can create a great atmosphere or has the potential to break your room design. So be sure to choose the right type, matching the size of the room bringing you the kind of lighting you need and accompaniment the other design aspect. Below are the top 3 types of ceiling lights commonly used in households today:

  • Oyster Ceiling Lights – This kind of lighting fixture are energy and cost efficient hence it is very popular in households due to its flexibility to place it inside in any room or outside the veranda. It’s an ideal choice for providing light in low ceiling houses.


  • Flush Mount Ceiling Lights – This type design as a low profile fixture and to be mounted flush with the ceiling. It affix straight to the power source preventing any gap between the light and the ceiling. Unlike the oyster lights, flush mount ceiling light can be ornamental to give the room an added bit of character. It comes in various style from chic crystals to patterned art shades that smoothly and continuously blend into your existing décor compared to other ceiling light types.   


  • Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights – The difference between semi-flush and flush mount ceiling light is the short stem below the canopy allowing spacing from the ceiling and the light. The spacing gives off better illumination and ambient lighting as the light radiate upwards and downwards from the ceiling. Semi-flush ceiling light has more decorative style compared to flush mount ceiling light and can be installed in entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms and living area to give a boost in personality.  


Dimming Options


Not many people are aware how to make the most of their ceiling lights. By integrating a dimming function, it allows households to achieve mood lighting that is suitable for working or relaxing. You can never fall short of dimmer switches, so many available on the market today, the only thing you need to worry about is choosing the right dimmable globe that works well with your ceiling light.