Surface Mounted Downlights

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Surface Mounted Downlights

Surface Mounted Downlights are another alternative to recessed or gimbal downlight and are mounted on the surface of the ceiling. This type of light fixture is popular in residential and commercial installation and are simple to install and uphold.  It's a common fitting for a ceiling that has no cavity space or a ceiling where a hole cannot be created, for example a concrete slab ceiling. 

For task lighting, Surface Mounted Downlights is a great option compared to Recessed Downlights, since it allows the light to descend lower than the ceiling height. It gives off a minimalist architectural feel without the emptiness look as with Recessed Downlights. 

Most of our SMDs use LEDs which means minimal heat output and maximum energy efficiency. Some of them are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness whether you are using it as an accent or task lighting. 

One great advantage with Surface Mounted Downlights compared to Gimble and Recessed Downlight is that it assists in reducing the heating costs. With cut outs, air can easily escape through the gaps. By excluding the cut outs, the surface mounted downlights retain the room temperature whether for cooling or heating. Buying downlights for your home is a personal choice, each type design has its pros and cons. Find one that suits your style and living space.