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Emerald has a vision to contribute to a sustainable and safer future by creating and delivering high-performance, energy-efficient products. Their efforts result in a substantial reduction of 60 million tonnes of carbon emissions, leading to annual savings of over 40 million dollars for Australian households. Moreover, Emerald has achieved great success by selling over 58 million energy-efficient products. Being proudly Australian-owned, the company ensures that its products are meticulously designed to meet the most stringent safety standards.


Quality & Value - Emerald is renowned for its ability to create products that combine superior quality and value, providing customers with outstanding performance and reliability at accessible price points. The company's deep knowledge and commitment to energy efficiency have yielded impressive outcomes, with millions of their products being successfully installed across a wide range of sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Emerald's dedication to excellence in design and affordability, coupled with their expertise in energy efficiency, has positioned them as a leader in the industry.


Product Testing - The products offered by Emerald are included in state-based energy efficiency schemes throughout Australia. These products undergo comprehensive testing to ensure their power consumption, efficacy, and performance meet rigorous standards. Specifically, all Emerald Smoke Alarms are registered with respected organizations like ActivFire and CSIRO, signifying their compliance with safety requirements. Additionally, these smoke alarms are designed to meet the Australian Standard AS3786:2014, further confirming their adherence to the prescribed guidelines. This commitment to testing, registration, and compliance showcases Emerald's dedication to delivering high-quality, reliable, and safe products to their customers.


Product Development - Emerald has full control over the entire lifecycle of their products, including design, construction, certification, and warranty. They have an in-house product development team based in Sydney that handles the local design process. Each component used in the products is carefully chosen to meet high standards of quality and performance. This hands-on approach highlights Emerald's dedication to ensuring that every aspect of their products is meticulously crafted and meets their stringent criteria. By taking control of the entire process, Emerald can maintain a strong focus on delivering reliable and well-designed products to their customers.