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Any existing property or new build homes, it requires strict Australian standards for electrical works and products such as switches, power points, adaptors and circuit breakers. When buying any lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, more often than not, an additional standard checks are necessary to safeguard you from any unwanted accident or fused being blown out. Due to our extensive knowledge and experiences in this industry, we have gathered some electrical products below that are commonly used when renovating or building a new home:


Power Points & Switches:

  • Surface Socket Outlet – Take control over your home, as it makes any installation and uninstallation a breeze of light fittings that comes with a plug without hardwiring the unit. The socket outlet is so convenient, just simply plug the light fitting/unit just like you would with any device that has a plug. This avoids call out fees and installation cost from an electrician when any of the lighting fixtures need replacement later in the future.

Potential uses of a surface socket outlets:

(i)   LED Downlights with Flex & Plug

(ii)  Exhaust Fans

(iii) Suspended Ceiling Troffer Lights

(iv) Emergency Lighting

(v) High & Low Bay Lights   


  • Tempered Glass Wall Switch – Update your existing wall switch with a modern futuristic tempered glass look and turn any existing appliances and lighting into a smart device. This wall switch learn to recognize how much energy is being used amongst connected appliances with its built-in power monitoring chip. Built from durable tempered glass, its Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to control the wall switch with your smartphone and do voice command when paired with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  


  • Smart Leading Edge Dimmer – Now existing downlights and other lighting fixtures can go smart with a smart leading edge dimmer. There is no hub required. Once connected, the dimming module allows you to dim and control your lights from anywhere through an app or by voice control. The advantage of this smart device, you can create schedules to automate your home.


  • Trailing Edge LED Dimmer – Instead of a turning knob when dimming, this type, design as a push button. Push, hold and release to set the desired brightness. Manufactured to be compatible with incandescent lamps, 240V halogen lamps, and low voltage lamps with dimmable transformers. This device can protect you from short-circuit, overload, over-current and over-temperature during use.


  • Rotary Dimmer & Switch – This device is made to effectively dim LED based lamps and drivers. It has a unique feature that combines a switch and dimmer into one, eliminating a separate switch on the wall plate. It is highly suitable with other common lamp types including incandescent, 12 volt halogen and compact fluorescent lamp.


  • Weatherproof Power Point Outlet – For any outdoor electrical use, a weatherproof power point with an IP53 rating is suitable for external use when it comes to safety. The body is made up with a patent plastic material that can withstand impact, UV rays and water. With an Australian and New Zealand standards approved and 5 year warranty, you’ll be in safe hands.


Electric Smoke Detectors:


  • Every year firefighters have to put out thousands of fires in building and homes, this number is just too frightening to think about. It’s important to have early warning signs, just enough time for you to escape the fire. This can be done by having a smoke alarm in every Australian homes. There are two types to choose from:


  • Ionisation Smoke Alarm – This type consists of a very small amount of radioactive material, alarm is set off when it reacts to the particle emitted in a fire. This device is useful at detecting fast flaming fires that don’t emit much visible smoke. Most commonly house fires tend to be smoky and smouldering for a while before any fires, thus making the ionisation smoke detector slow to detect this kind of smoke. At times false alarm can occur if it is placed near the kitchen or bathroom due to steam from cooking or hot water.

  • Photoelectric Smoke Alarm – The device has a photo cell and a light beam radiating away from the cell. Alarm is triggered when smoke enters into the test chamber due to scattered light hitting the cell caused by the smoke particles. Occasionally the smoke alarm need to be cleaned to prevent false alarm from dust or insects entering the unit. It is perfect for detecting smoky and smouldering fires, which is common in house fires.  


Electrical Adaptors & Electric Timers:


  • Exhaust Fan Run On Timer – This device allows the appliance to operate continuously over a predetermined time, eliminating any steam or odour after it leaves a room. The designed module will fit within a wall mounted electrical flush box or a fan assembly. It is fully adjustable to run 1 to 25 minutes.


  • Infrared Motion Sensor & Timer – By integrating a motion sensor and run on timer into an exhaust fan, it makes the exhaust fan hands-free. How this works is the infrared sensor inside detects motion as you enter the room and automatically turns on the motor. Motions are detected within a chosen radius between 1 to 5 meters. While the run on timer can be set between 1 to 20 minutes to automatically to turn off the exhaust fan.


  • Push Button Timer – Two available timers design to suit your lifestyle – Minute Timer and an Hour Timer. The minute timer is programmable between 1 minute and 30 minutes. The hour timer is between ¼ hour and 7½ hours. Both timers have an override function feature, prevent lighting turning off automatically. It also has an advanced warning feature that dims to 50 percent for 5 minutes after time out.


Electrical Circuit Breakers:


  • Residual Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection – Protect your electrical circuit and appliances from damage caused by excess current or short circuit. Its function is simply interrupt the flow of current when a fault is detected. Design to be suitable for residential and commercial applications.


Electrical Isolators:


  • Weatherproof Isolator – Designed to have an IP56 rating, it is well suited for external applications such as direct appliance wiring or as lockable lights switch. The material used is made from high impact and UV stable plastic and have been approved by Australian and New Zealand standards.


  • Solar DC Isolator – Designed for houses that installed solar panels. It is placed between photovoltaic modules and inverters. The material are UV resistance and flame retardant and consists of a breathing valve on each isolator.