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Atlas Irene-3 Hugger Timber Blade Ceiling Fan


Elevate your space with the Irene-3 Hugger Ceiling Fan, featuring a whisper-quiet and eco-conscious DC motor. Boasting three sturdy wooden blades and a sleek cylindrical motor, this fan seamlessly complements modern, rustic, or traditional home aesthetics. The Irene-3 model showcases a low-profile design that gracefully embraces the ceiling, making it an impeccable choice for residences with lower ceiling heights. Its compact 42″ blade span is tailored for cozier spaces, rendering it a favourite for petite rooms. If the 42" blade size falls short for your room, we provide both 52" and 60" blades as alternatives.


Alternatively, you can opt for the illuminated ambiance of an integrated LED light. Choose the LED light variation to bask in the gentle radiance of a 16W LED, emitting an impressive 690 lumens of luminous output. Discover the perfect fusion of style and functionality with the Atlas Irene-3 Hugger Timber Blade Ceiling Fan. You can select the Irene-3 Hugger ceiling fan with LED light from blade sizes of 42 inches, 52 inches, and 60 inches, perfectly aligning with your room's dimensions.


Brilliant Mercury Handcrafted Timber Blade Ceiling Fan


Enhance the allure of your contemporary living space by introducing the exquisite Brilliant Mercury Ceiling Fan. Its sophisticated design showcases three meticulously handcrafted timber blades, each carefully balanced at the factory. Discover a new level of comfort with the fan's ingenious all-seasons technology, seamlessly transitioning between summer and winter modes to deliver year-round climate control.


Effortlessly manage your environment with the included 3-speed wall control, embracing a harmonious fusion of style and functionality that the Brilliant Mercury ceiling fan effortlessly provides. It is available in two versions: the standard version without smart features, and the smart Wi-Fi version that boasts all the advanced conveniences to elevate your daily life.


ThreeSixty Timbr Timber Blade DC Ceiling Fan 


Experience the epitome of minimalist elegance and exceptional cooling with the Timbr DC Ceiling Fan. Crafted with precision, the Paulownia timber blades span an impressive 72" (183cm), ensuring a captivating presence in any environment. Embrace the latest Australian design trends with a choice of three exquisite timber blade finishes, perfectly complemented by a high-performance and energy-efficient DC motor. Elevate the ambiance of spacious living areas with the seamless addition of the Timbr DC ceiling fan


Choose from two distinct aesthetics: Black with Walnut blades or Matte White with Natural or Weathered Oak blades. For enhanced convenience, the Timbr DC ceiling fan comes complete with a 6-speed remote control. Additionally, an optional 17W LED Light model is available, providing both style and functionality. Indulge in the ultimate fusion of design and performance with the Timbr DC Ceiling Fan.


ThreeSixty Kirra Timber Blade DC Ceiling Fan


Measuring a remarkable 100 inches (254 cm), the Kirra commands attention with its grandeur. Crafted to leave an indelible impression, the Kirra is a meticulous fusion of design and engineering, poised to infuse a remarkable "wow" factor into expansive indoor and outdoor areas. By integrating a high-performance DC motor with elegantly crafted Paulownia timber blades that embrace aerodynamics, the Kirra ceiling fan achieves the extraordinary feat of circulating substantial amounts of air, ensuring exceptionally efficient cooling for vast spaces.




Enhanced Aesthetics: Incorporating timber ceiling fans infuses your space with a natural and inviting charm. The inherent beauty of wood tones effortlessly complements a spectrum of interior design styles, ranging from rustic to contemporary, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.


Wide Range of Finishes: Timber ceiling fans boast an extensive array of wood finishes, empowering you to select the one that perfectly aligns with your décor and individual preferences. Whether you seek different wood types, stains, or finishes, there exists a fan variation tailored to your distinct style.


Whisper-Quiet Operation: Many timber ceiling fans are meticulously crafted for quiet functionality, ensuring that the fan operation remains unobtrusive and maintains the tranquil ambiance of any room. This attribute proves especially valuable in spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and areas where noise sensitivity is a consideration.


Robust and Long-Lasting Build: Timber ceiling fans are renowned for their durable construction, exhibiting resilience and longevity. Premium wooden blades and housing materials are engineered to withstand the rigors of time, endowing you with a steadfast and dependable fan solution.




When it comes to installing a ceiling fan in a coastal or humid environment, it's crucial to consider the materials used in the construction of the fan. While timber ceiling fans exude a classic and elegant appeal, the harsh conditions of coastal areas or high humidity levels can pose challenges to their longevity and performance. To ensure the best performance and longevity in such environments, we highly recommend opting for a timber-look ceiling fan that features blades made from ABS plastic rather than genuine timber.


ABS plastic has exceptional properties that make it an ideal choice for withstanding the elements commonly found in coastal regions. This material possesses a remarkable resistance to corrosion caused by salt in the air, a common concern in coastal settings. By selecting a timber-look ceiling fan with ABS plastic blades, you can enjoy the aesthetic charm of timber without compromising on durability and performance.


If you're in the market for top-notch timber-look ceiling fans designed specifically for outdoor coastal or humid environments, we'd like to draw your attention to our impressive range of options:

Martec Governor
This model combines the timeless beauty of timber aesthetics with the practicality of ABS plastic blades. It's engineered to thrive in coastal and humid conditions, ensuring reliable performance while enhancing the visual appeal of your space.

Martec Elite
Offering both elegance and functionality, the Martec Elite timber-look ceiling fan boasts ABS plastic blades that can brave the challenges of coastal or humid settings. You can trust this fan to deliver optimal air circulation and style in equal measure.

Hunter Element II
Designed with a keen understanding of demanding environments, the Hunter Element II timber-look ceiling fan showcases ABS plastic blades that are specifically crafted to withstand the rigors of coastal living or high humidity areas. It's a true testament to durability and aesthetics working in perfect harmony.

While the allure of genuine timber is undeniable, opting for a timber-look ceiling fan with ABS plastic blades is a prudent choice for outdoor coastal or humid environments. Our range of timber-look ceiling fans, including the Martec Governor, Martec Elite, and Hunter Element II, have been carefully crafted to offer the best of both worlds—captivating aesthetics and robust performance, making your living spaces comfortable and inviting for years to come.