Pillar Mount Lights

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Pillar Mount Lights

Outdoor lights comes in various forms or style that has a specific use. Pillar lights are not very known since it is design and installed on a post or the top of a fence. You will also find some pillar lights in gardens, parks and walkways.


Pillar Lights Tips & Applications:


  • You can use pillar lights for aesthetic and illumination for your outdoor garden and fencing
  • Pillar lights create an inviting feel by casting shadows in front of your home or around your garden
  • Use warm colour temperature for pillar lights for a welcoming feel on top your post fence
  • Use solar pillar mount lights for ease of installation without reworking any electrical wirings and save you on electricity bills
  • Save energy and costs by integrating a timer in your pillar lights, this ensures it turned off during the day
  • Keep your neighbours happy by installing in areas where it does not disturb them


Pillar mount lights produces a beautiful ambience and a unique distinction for your home’s outdoor and garden. With a wide range of designs and with a high IP44 rating, rest assure that our outdoor pillar mount lights are made to suit your home while making it well-lit as you welcome your guests in.