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Ceiling Fans have evolved over the years from purpose-built functional cooling tools, to design statements used to style up your room! 

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Eglo Surf My Control USB Module: The Eglo Surf My Control USB Module offers a seamless solution to upgrade your Surf Ceiling Fan into a Smart Fan. Effortlessly pair your fan with the Eglo My Control App through this USB Module, granting you convenient control from your smart devices. Enjoy features such as automation, tap-to-run functionality, and Siri compatibility, all accessible through the user-friendly My Control App. It's important to note that this USB Module is exclusively compatible with the Eglo Surf range of ceiling fans.

Mercator Ikuü Smart Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit: Elevate your AC ceiling fan experience with the cutting-edge Mercator Ikuü universal RF remote control kit. It presents a seamless retrofitting solution, granting intelligent control without the necessity of a complete fan replacement.

Key Features of this unit include

- Effortless Wi-Fi connectivity (no hub required)
- Three adjustable speed settings & a trio of convenient countdown timer options
- Enhanced dimming compatibility with compatible fans
- Inclusion of a light memory setting for added convenience
- Seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it truly versatile

Brilliant Smart Ceiling Fan Wall Controller: Transform your standard AC ceiling fan into a smart device with the versatile Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan Controller from Brilliant. The advanced second-generation Brilliant Smart WiFi Wall Controller revolutionizes your traditional AC ceiling fan, offering seamless integration without the need for complicated receiver installations. One key feature of this innovation is its exceptional compatibility with a wide range of AC ceiling fan brands.

Tuya Smart WiFi Module: Specially designed for the Skyfan DC ceiling fan, this module offers you the opportunity to enhance your Skyfan into a sophisticated smart ceiling fan. Operating seamlessly through the Tuya app, this intelligent controller module provides you with the effortless ability to manage your Skyfan directly from your smart device. What's more, enjoy the added convenience of voice commands by utilizing the voice capabilities of your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa smart home device. Elevate your fan experience with the state-of-the-art Tuya Smart WiFi Module.




Compatibility of smart ceiling fan accessories, including smart switches, wall controllers, and modules, can vary among different ceiling fan models. It relies on a range of factors, encompassing the brand and model, ceiling fan wiring, motor type (AC or DC), as well as the distinct features of the smart accessory you are considering.


If you own an AC motor ceiling fan, we offer a selection of three smart ceiling fan accessories that could potentially align with your AC ceiling fan.


Brilliant Smart Ceiling Wall Controller:

The Brilliant Smart WiFi Wall Controller represents the 2nd generation of controllers, transforming your current AC ceiling fan into a smart-enabled unit. Its standout feature lies in replacing your existing AC wall controller without the need for receiver installation.


Key Advantages

  • Offers universal compatibility with all Brilliant AC ceiling fans
  • Also works seamlessly with most other AC ceiling fan brands
  • Direct replacement for an existing AC wall controller; no receiver and smart hub installation necessary
  • Establish schedules and timings to streamline your household automation. Manage remotely through the app or voice commands
  • Smart Mode includes Nature, Normal, Sleep, and Wake Up settings (Accessible via the App)
  • Each button is accompanied by an illuminating LED indicator upon activation


Mercator Ikuu Smart Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit:


Enhance your ceiling fan experience with the Mercator Ikuü Smart Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit. Instantly grant your existing AC ceiling fan a smart makeover, eliminating the need for a complete fan replacement.


Key Advantages

  • Seamlessly replaces your current AC ceiling fan remote, now easily manageable via the Mercator Ikuü app
  • Experience the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi, eliminating the necessity for an extra hub
  • Select from 3 distinct speed settings and explore 3 countdown timer options
  • Effortlessly achieve the perfect ambiance with dimming capabilities applicable to compatible fans
  • Enjoy the convenience of the light memory setting
  • Master multiple devices at once or establish automatic functions through the scenes and automation feature in the Mercator Ikuü app
  • Simplify control by grouping multiple products for efficient simultaneous operation
  • Experience the ease of voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Mercator Ikuü Smart Isaac Ceiling Fan Wall Controller:

The Mercator Ikuü Smart Isaac Ceiling Fan Wall Controller offers seamless compatibility with most AC ceiling fans, enabling you to choose a fan that aligns with your home's aesthetic while enjoying the convenience of intelligent control through Mercator Ikuü.


Key Advantages

  • Advanced AC fan controller featuring intuitive touch switches
  • Equipped with 3 adjustable speed settings and a dedicated light on/off switch
  • Personalize and establish timers and schedules effortlessly using the Mercator Ikuü app
  • Harness the power of scenes and automation within the Mercator Ikuü app to efficiently manage multiple devices collectively or enable automated functions
  • Streamline control by grouping various products for simultaneous and synchronized operation
  • Enjoy compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling effortless voice control
  • Incorporates Zigbee technology
  • Zigbee 3.0 compliant, showcasing mesh technology that extends operational range
  • Also offered in Wi-Fi connectivity, providing a versatile range of options




No, a separate smart home hub is not required for the complete utilization of the range of smart ceiling fan accessories, which includes the Mercator Ikuü Smart Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit and the Mercator Ikuü Smart Isaac Ceiling Fan Wall Controller. The advanced Mercator Ikuü products are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing home Wi-Fi network. This integration negates the necessity for an additional hub, simplifying your setup and providing you with straightforward, user-friendly control over your ceiling fan accessories. Utilizing the Mercator Ikuü app, you can effortlessly manage your devices, establish schedules, create automation scenarios, and more, all without the complications associated with extra hardware. Experience the ultimate convenience and functionality as you elevate your home with these smart ceiling fan solutions.