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Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights

Crystals is the material of choice when comes to adding elegance and sophistication in areas that are stylish. This delicate material are now commonly used in pendant lights, semi-flush fixtures and close to ceiling lights. Depending on the style and how detailed it is, crystal close to ceiling lights can be expensive but it creates a bolder statement than a glass close to ceiling light. Below are the common factors to consider before purchasing Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights.   

Style & Design: One of the many reasons to buy a crystal ceiling light is because how beautiful and elegant it is. The word sophistication is top of mind for those who buys this type of lighting.  You will also need to consider that Crystal CTC Lights matches the style of your space and décor. Just because it looks great in the picture doesn’t mean it will look the same as in the image. Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights comes in variety of styles, all shapes and sizes, these includes – crystal beads that are lined up with crystal droplets, crystal droplets suspended by chains, chrome rings encapsulated with crystal beads, dangling crystal hexagonal cut rounded ball shape and much more suit your every taste. 

Cost: The cost of Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights can be expensive since the design are complex, especially large and fancy ones, it can exceed beyond the thousand dollar mark. Remember to incorporate the delivery and installation costs by an electrician. The delivery cost can vary when buying online due to its size and weight. Not paying installation cost is unavoidable when comes to lighting fixtures for your home, in this case you might as well buy the one you really want.  

Size & Weight: Before buying your Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights, you need to know the dimension of the area you plan to install it in. By not having the correct room dimension, the Crystal Close to Ceiling Light can look out of place (depending on its size). Be mindful of people’s height, having it too low you will risk of people hitting their head while too high makes it complicated to clean or replace the bulbs. As already mentioned before, large and heavy Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights can sometimes have an additional costs such as delivery, tricky installation and whether if your ceiling can support the weight. 

Location: Close to Ceiling Lights with Crystals creates a luxe look and sophistication to a room that you want to show off. To determine which Crystal CTC Lights that best suits the room you want to install, below are three common points to consider:

  1. The Design of the Room: The colours and style of the Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights needs to match the design of the overall space and consistently flow smoothly throughout. 

  1. Is there Enough Lighting: Decide whether you need to illuminate significant light within and to the surrounding area or just add little ambient light to the setting. 

The Room Dimension: Determine the correct size of the Crystal CTC Lights that is suitable to the room that it will be installed in. A large ceiling light in a room that is small, is an overkill. A small ceiling light in a large room, is impractical and it won’t provide sufficient light.

Type of Bulb: Lighting fixtures needs its bulbs. There are various types of bulbs available on the market – Incandescent lamps, halogen, compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs. The common ones used in household today and also gaining popularity is the LEDs bulbs due to its energy efficiency and cost savings.