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Ceiling Fans with Lights

Given all the choices of ceiling fans that are available, homeowners can still find it difficult to decide whether to choose ones with or without light. If you’re unsure, start by determining how much light is already in the room. Check if the room is an open space with lots of windows or sliding doors that allow natural light in. Look around the room and see how many light sources are available, such as downlights, pendant lights, lamps, table lamps or wall lights. If after your investigation, you decide there aren’t enough light sources around, then that room may just need a ceiling fan that comes with a light.

A ceiling fan with light attached provides an all-in-one, room brightening and air circulation package – keeping you cool in heated months and warm in cooler months whilst providing a well distributed light source when you needed it. This solution is very convenient when space is limited, it can save you on costs during the heated summer months and will also save you money in purchasing extra light sources. Most ceiling fans with lights - if the lights are not already LED compatible, meaning you can simply replace the current bulb in the fan with a compatible LED bulb, making it more energy efficient.

A ceiling fan’s performance in various locations differ. Some locations such as the porch or alfresco may be exposed to weather elements such as wind, rain or natural sunlight, situations that the living room does not experience as it is shielded by walls and a ceiling. It is always best to purchase a ceiling fan with light that is specifically designed for your use case, either it be for indoor, outdoor or coastal use. Another important feature to consider is if the ceiling height you are installing the fan on is above 2.7 metres, the ceiling fan will require an extension rod to lower the ceiling fan to create more efficient air circulation.

We have ceiling fans with light attached that are made for all your unique applications, so browse through our lists of ceiling fans that have a light from all your favourite brands, including: - Altas Fans, Brilliant Lighting, Fanimation, Hunter Fans, Hunter Pacific, Martec, Mercator, My Fan and Ventair.