Colour Changing LED Downlights

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Colour Changing LED Downlights

Colour plays an important role, it can change the mood of a room, create either a positive or negative emotion in people and can lead to an increase in productivity. Recent new technology allows LED downlights to change the colour temperature of the light emitted to suit home owner’s preference and their surroundings. 

There are three colour options in one available, these colours are - warm white, cool white and daylight. 

  • Warm White: This is the colour temperature commonly used in todays’ households. A warm yellowish white glow with a temperature between 2700K – 4000K, suited for rooms used for relaxing such as the living room and bedrooms. However it can be used in dining rooms and restaurants for a romantic and intimate environment.   

  • Cool White: This colour temperature ranges from 4000K to 5000K with a clearer appearance, it is brighter than warm white. When use correctly, it can make the room appear more modern and natural. Cool white is a mixture of white and yellow light combine, commonly can be mistaken daylight, which is much whiter. 

  • Daylight: This lighting temperature colour mimics daylight, brings freshness and a clear white light that are suitable for garages, security lights, offices and retail stores. Its colour temperature ranges from 5000K to 6000K.

Relying purely on colour temperatures to change the mood of a room sometimes isn’t enough. Paint colours, furniture, flooring and your home décor is just as important, when combined with these colour temperature it brings the room to life. Remember a higher colour temperature isn’t a measure of brightness but a measure of the appearance..