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Fan Accessories

The process of choosing the right ceiling fan can be a nightmare. This is true even before attempting to find matching fan accessories to enhance these products so they can work at their optimal capacity. Luckily, we have filtered out these necessary accessories to help you customise and adjust your ceiling fans to suit your individual needs. These accessories are listed below:

Ceiling Fan Extension Rod: An extension rod is designed to lower the ceiling fan to a height that allows optimal airflow for any ceilings that are above 2.7 metres. Also known as a downrod, most extension rods are available in lengths of: 600mm, 900mm, 910mm and 1800mm. Please note, each extension rod is made specifically for certain ceiling fans, therefore it’s vital that you purchase one that is compatible with your fan.

Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit: Transforming your existing non-remote ceiling fan to work with a remote (as long as it is compatible) has never been easier. Purchase compatible remote control kit and have it installed on your ceiling fan for a boost of convenience. There will no longer be the hassle of having to get up to change settings on the wall control to get the airflow you want. Depending on your ceiling fan selection, the compatible remote control kit will have features such as: - timers, a summer/winter reverse fan rotation function, fan speed levels, and if your fan has a light, functionality with the light.

Ceiling Fan Light Kit: When deciding on a fan to purchase, if a fan you are looking at does not come with an integrated light, and you require a light on your fan, make sure the fan you are thinking of purchasing has a compatible fan light kit. If you have found a fan that has a compatible light kit, make sure it matches the colour of the ceiling fan, unless you want a mismatch colour theme.

Ceiling Fan Wall Control Kit: All ceiling fans without a remote comes with a wall control. Remember you cannot have a ceiling fan that uses a wall control and a remote at the same time, unless an adaptor is being integrated. Our ceiling fan wall control kit is a perfect choice for those who want to replace an existing / old wall control or change from using pull chains.

Ducting & Exhaust Fan Accessories: Whether it’s a ducting system or an exhaust fan installation, finding the right product for a perfect fit can be a daunting task and time consuming. We stock a wide range of ducting and exhaust fan accessories for your project, leaving you stress free and with more time to focus on the more difficult and potentially stressful aspects of the project.

If you’re still unsure, just get in touch with our experienced, knowledgeable staff, and we’ll be able to give you any extra information or advice about which are the best fan accessories for you.