Spa Electrics

Spa Electrics

Spa Electrics are Australia’s top brand of premium underwater LED lights designed for new and existing pools and spas. Spa Electrics underwater LED lights ensures your swimming pool and the surroundings a safe environment for your family or guests. It is aesthetic pleasing coming home to a pool that lights up and it glows all the way around the whole swimming pool. Pool lights are popular in expensive houses as it creates a distinctive ambience that stands out especially at night.  

Why Choose LEDs

In the past incandescent and halogen were commonly used and since the invention of LEDs it brings more flexibility in pool lighting. LEDs lasts longer than incandescent and halogen, now it’s a standard used in pools and spas for lighting purposes. Whether it’s an in-ground or an above-ground design, these lights have more brightness while using a small fraction of the energy required. LEDs technology allows the user the option to generate distinct colours based on predefined programs.  


Types of Pool Lights

There are three main choices of pool lights:

Flush-mounted Underwater LED Pool Lights

As the name suggest, the LED pool light sits flushed against the pool wall. It is mounted directly inside the wall of your pool. Flush mounted LED pool lights are rapidly gaining popularity in many new pool builds. If you are an existing poo l owner wanting to install this type of LED pool lights, you can find it technically difficult and will require an experience contractor.


Surface-mounted Underwater LED Pool Lights

This type of light is popular for existing pool owners as it is not difficult to install. The advantage of any surface-mounted lights is that it can easily retrofitted when there is an upgrade to the existing pool lights. Since it is not flush with the wall and tend to stick a bit out, these lights can be easily broken because children can use them as a step to climb out of the pool.

Pool Garden Lighting

Turn your swimming pool into an oasis by installing some pool garden lighting with a high IP rating for external use. This style of lighting is used around the pools environment like a landscape lighting.

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