Heated Towel Rails

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Heated Towel Rails

The bathroom is commonly the coldest part of the home, a cosy bath mat doesn’t help, especially after a shower on a winter’s day. Avoid the shivers after a shower no matter the season with a heating option products like 3-in-1 bathroom heater and heated towel rail. Nowadays technology has improved, manufacturing costs can be low, choosing both options are now affordable for those budget conscious homeowners. However it is ok if you have no ceiling space for a 3-in-1 bathroom heater, investing in a heated towel rail can still give you the lavish experience lifestyle at an affordable cost. 

Use a heated towel rail to avoid the nasty odour of a wet towel, it is so versatile that you can use it to store the towels saving you bathroom space. If you are considering to get one, there are lists of fundamentals you need to be aware of before deciding to purchase one for your home. Below are lists of guidelines to consider when buying a bathroom towel rail:

Styling & Type: Finding the perfect heated towel rail to suit your bathroom can be overwhelming due to the choices available such as types and finishes. 


  1. Heated Ladder Rail – Popular in most new households, consisted of two vertical rails with several horizontal rails creating a ladder. This design is available in a variety of widths and heights to suit most bathrooms. Installation by an electrician is needed since it is mounted into a wall. A great idea for bathrooms with limited floor area and perfect replacement from a standard towel rails. 

  1. Individually Heated Rail – Minimalist style design with no vertical rails, the horizontal rails is mounted into a wall. Installation is needed by an electrician still with this type of heated rail.  

  1. Freestanding Heated Rail – A traditional design that is suitable in most homes due to great flexibility in placement and use. No electrician is needed for installation, an easy DIY, simply plug the power plug into the power socket and turn the switch on. Yes, that’s it, so simple that you could do it with your eyes closed. 


  1. Matt Black - Matte Black is the new Black. Popular in demand with new modern bathrooms, architects love this colour, its neutral matte tone contrast with other colours and surfaces in the bathroom. 

  1. Stainless Steel - The most energy efficient material for this type of application, the steel holds heat extremely well and it is one resilient rail on the market. These stainless steel comes in brush and polished finishes, however the disadvantage with the polished finish, it can develop fingerprints easily.    

  2. Chrome - Chrome finishes is ideal for modern and minimalist bathrooms. The finish easily match any colour and surfaces.  One positive characteristic of Chrome is its hard wearing, though over time of usage, it can peel or bubble.  

Thermal Output: The thermal output or temperature of the towel rail is another important factor to consider since it can make or break of drying the towel efficiently.  Remember having a low hourly output, the less effective the towel rail is compared to high hourly output, resulted in a more effective heated towel rail. Basically the heat output is dependent on the size of the towel rail. The correct thermal output leaves wet/damp towels dry effectively preventing the musty smell and it’s more hygienic reducing bacteria forming on damp towels. 

Heated Towel Rail Size: The common mistakes homeowners make is selecting the wrong heated towel rail size for their bathroom. There are two factors to consider: 

  1. Size & Structure of the Bathroom – If you have a small size bathroom, opt for a small size heated towel rail. A spacious bathroom, opt for a higher thermal output and bigger dimensions.  

  1. Number of People – For a busy family, opt for the largest size available to allow considerable towels to be hung. However, a non-family household, opt for reasonable towel rail size that is suitable for your bathroom size and structure, too big of a rail exhaust your energy bill, too small resulted in towels to overlap and dry ineffectively. 

Getting the right balance can be tricky, however the above two factors will resolve any unanswered questions that may arise. Now go out there get yourself a heated towel rail for your bathroom, efficiently and effectively dry your towels, no more bad odours.