Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails

Warm up your towels to add pure coziness to your bathroom and enhance your morning routine with a toasty touch.

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Heated Ladder Rail – A wall-mounted heated towel rail, consisting of two vertical rails and several horizontal rails that create a ladder-like design. Available in a variety of widths and heights, it's a popular choice for most bathrooms. It requires professional installation by an electrician due to its mounting into a wall. It's a perfect replacement for standard towel rails and a great idea for bathrooms with limited floor space.


Individually Heated Rail – This minimalist-style heated towel rail has no vertical rails and is mounted horizontally into a wall. It requires professional installation by an electrician. Its sleek design adds a modern touch to any bathroom while keeping towels warm and dry.


Freestanding Heated Rail – A traditional design, perfect for most homes due to its great flexibility in placement and use. No professional installation is needed, making it an easy DIY project. Simply plug the power plug into the power socket and turn the switch on. Yes, it's that simple! It's a great option for those who don't want to commit to a wall-mounted heated towel rail.




Matte Black - The Ultimate Choice for Your Bathroom Heated Towel Rail. The matte black finish is currently in high demand for modern bathrooms. Architects love this colour due to its neutral tone and striking contrast with other surfaces in the bathroom. Opt for a wall mounted heated towel rail in matte black for a chic and stylish look.


Stainless Steel - The Perfect Material for a Bathroom Heated Towel Rail. Stainless steel is the most energy efficient material for a bathroom heated towel rail, as it holds heat extremely well. This resilient rail comes in both brushed and polished finishes. However, be mindful of fingerprints that can easily develop on the polished finish. Choose a wall mounted heated towel rail made of stainless steel for durability and efficiency.


Chrome - The Ideal Finish for a Modern and Minimalist Bathroom Heated Towel Rail. Chrome finishes are perfect for modern and minimalist bathrooms. The finish can easily match any colour and surface, making it a versatile choice. Additionally, chrome is known for being hard-wearing. However, with extended usage, it can peel or bubble. Upgrade your bathroom with a wall mounted heated towel rail in a stylish chrome finish.




There are the three factors to consider when selecting the right size for your heated towel rail:


(i) Towel Capacity: The first factor to consider is the size of the heated towel rail's horizontal bars. These bars are designed to hold and dry towels. The more bars there are, the more towels the rail can hold. So, it's important to consider how many towels you need to dry at once and choose a heated towel rail with enough horizontal bars to accommodate them.


(ii) Room Size: The second factor to consider is the size of your bathroom. The larger the bathroom, the larger the heated towel rail needed to heat the space effectively. A small towel rail in a large bathroom may not provide enough warmth and might not be able to dry towels effectively. Conversely, a large heated towel rail in a small bathroom can make the space feel cramped and could be inefficient.


(iii) Heat Output: Another important factor to consider is the heat output of the heated towel rail. This will depend on the size of the rail as well as its wattage. You'll want to choose a heated towel rail with a wattage that's appropriate for the size of your bathroom to ensure that it can effectively heat the space.