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Crystal Pendant Lights 

By installing crystal pendant lighting in your home, it gives off a timeless and sophisticated look to any room. There are two types of lighting application pendant lights are conventionally used for, these are accent and task lighting. Accent lighting targets light on a singular point of an object boosting visual interest to the object. Task lighting increases the amount of light, striking an object or the surrounding surface, especially useful when completing a task. Below are 5 factors to consider when buying crystal pendant lights:

Choosing the Correct Crystal Pendant Lights: Having the correct size and placement are the two important factors to be considered when choosing an appropriate crystal pendant light for your kitchen, dining room, living areas or hallways and foyers. Overly size crystal pendant light in a small location shows that you are trying too hard while too little of a crystal in a large area doesn’t make it a statement piece.  

Crystal Pendant Lighting Style & Finishes: Bring elegance to certain part of your home with a selection of crystal pendant lighting designs – pendant light with crystal balls, colour pendant lights with crystals or brushed nickel accents and sharp edges pendant light with crystals for a modern look. 

Not all crystals are the same, there are many different types available when comes to choosing your crystal pendant light. Below are five types of crystals that you can choose from:

  1. Swarovski Crystal – We know this kind of crystal is the finest in the world, has a variety of colours, sizes, shapes and palette for lighting designers. For an impeccable optic clarity, razor sharp surfaces and immaculateness it is commonly machine cut and polished for a stunning shine. Swarovski crystal glass has an invisible optical coating for easy cleaning and maintenance. There are lots of imitation Swarovski crystal pendant lighting out there, the company logo is laser imprinted inside the crystal element individually to help the customers to distinguish the fakes.   

  1. Gem Cut Crystal – Gem Cut crystal is not far off from Swarovski in terms of purity and perfection, it is far beyond industry requirements. Gem Cut crystal described as prismatic excellence, optic clarity, sharp faceting and accurate polishing. The machine cut giving it the finest refractive crystal.

  1. Heritage Hand Cut Crystal – As the name suggests, this type of crystal can be labour intensive, since the crystal is hand cut, sandstone grind and then each crystal is polished by a wood wheel with a marble dust. Some do notice a slight specks of wood in the polished crystal, a signature of authenticity.  

  1. Venetian Crystal – This type of crystal is moulded and fire-polished, not machine or hand cut, creating a lovely subtle luminosity. The way it is polished produces concave facets rather than flat facets. The optical purity is being reduced from the slight texture within the crystal, it reflects colours from their surroundings rather refracting light into a prism of colours within the crystal.

  1. Pressed Glass Crystal – This is the least expensive type of crystal available, when after it is being polished, Pressed Glass Crystal gives off a higher value look, at a fractional of the cost. The common materials that are used to make this kind of crystal are made from sand, soda and lime. These materials are heated in the furnace and then pressed or re-shaped.  

Pendant Shades & Accessories: There are many different types of shades in style for your crystal pendant light ranging from - frosted glass, linen, fabric, coloured glass, polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and smoked white glass diffuser. Dispersing light, fabric shades can be used along with crystal pendant lights for a softer lighting. Whether its coloured, frosted or smoked glass shades, it enhances the elegance of the crystal pendant lights. Metal type of shades gives off modern architectural look and can make a statement to the crystal pendant. 

Pendant Light Bulb Types: To light up any crystal pendant light, there are many types of bulbs on the market available. Colour temperature, lumens, wattage and energy efficiency are all important aspects in a room’s light quality and electricity costs. LED’s technology in crystal pendant lights reduce more energy costs than compact fluorescents. LEDs and fluorescent both have lower wattage plus gives off almost the equivalent amount of light output as incandescent bulbs.

How Many Crystal Pendant Lights Do I Need: Without any prior experience in crystal pendant lights selection, finding the right design for your home can be tricky especially how many pendants you’ll need for the room you want your pendants installed. The total sum & crystal pendant placement all depends on the object’s size underneath the pendant light. Rule of thumb, an ideal number to use is an odd number of pendant lights over a highlighted object – dining table, desk or an island benchtop. This approach establish a centrepiece allowing an equal balance of pendant light on each side.