LED Strip Lighting

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LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lights is an innovation that brings flexibility to the home and building industry as it allows property owners to be more creative with their lighting designs. Over the years there are debates on incandescent versus halogen bulbs, since the release of LEDs, both incandescent and halogen are no match for it.

The small size of LEDs, makes strip lights very flexible, it can be installed in narrow places such as underneath the cabinetry. LED strip lights are commonly popular for home lighting and has allowed people to be creative in their kitchen and living spaces. LEDs are extremely compact compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs, its durable, energy efficient and shock resistant, allowing it to be use in different forms. Below we will discussed further into the different types of LED strips that can be use either in residential or commercial applications.

Strip Light Kits: Perfect for anyone who enjoy a DIY job. This strip light kits comes in with LED strip (commonly 5 metres in length), A/C adaptor, key remote and a user manual. Depending on the brand, some comes in several programmable options or with smart phone app navigation features for ease of convenience. Electrician is required if you want to have a power switch attached to the LED strip lights allowing to switch on or off.

Extrusions & Profiles: Bring some unique glow to your bathroom or kitchen benches by implementing strip lights into extrusion profiles. Corner profile are commonly used for task lighting, it sits evenly on a corner directing light where is needed most. When selecting profiles, always look for aluminium type as it look fully customised and high end. Another advantage with Aluminium profile, it act as a heat sink, preventing overheating when the LEDs are in used, prolonging its lifespan. 

LED Strips: Some brands consists of different numbers of LED’s per metre (e.g. 30 LEDs) within the strip and ranging from colour temperature warm white to daylight. You can also have coloured LEDs to make it unique.


Bring Your Home to Life

Note many places uses LED strip lights. With all the added benefits and customized architectural look, strip lights are underutilized compared to other lighting fixtures available on the market. Now homeowners can afford these type of lighting as it is cheap to buy and run while bringing more life into their living and eating areas.