LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting

Our LED strip lighting adds vibrant colour and energy-efficient lighting to any area, enhancing the atmosphere and highlighting features with ease.

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LED strip lights have emerged as a versatile and innovative lighting solution. While there are variations and exceptions, they generally possess the following characteristics:


Construction: LED strip lights consist of multiple individual LED emitters mounted on a narrow and flexible circuit board.


Power Requirement: These lights operate on low-voltage DC power, making them energy-efficient and safe to use.


Colour and Brightness: LED strip lights are available in a broad spectrum of fixed and variable colours, allowing for customizable lighting options. Moreover, they offer adjustable brightness levels to suit different preferences and settings.


Reel Format: LED strip lights are typically packaged in long reels, often measuring around 16 feet or 5 meters in length. This generous length can be customized by cutting the strip to the desired size. Additionally, the strips come with double-sided adhesive for convenient and secure mounting.


LED strip lights represent a modern and adaptable lighting solution, offering flexibility, energy efficiency, and a broad range of customizable features. Their unique design and practical features make them suitable for various applications and settings.




LED strip lights can be used to enhance the look and feel of any space, from residential to commercial settings. These versatile lights can be installed in various locations, including skirting boards, ceiling coves, and bar areas. They can also be placed inside cupboards and display cases, near doorways and windows, and even on stairs and floors. LED strips can also be used to create a welcoming atmosphere in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, paths, and driveways, and for illuminating industrial signs. In addition to these popular uses, there are other unique locations where LED strips can be effectively utilized to enhance the ambiance.

Under Cabinet Lighting: As its name suggests, under-cabinet lighting provides illumination to the areas beneath your cabinetry. It is commonly installed below the upper cabinets in kitchens, adding an enchanting touch to showroom-worthy kitchen designs. This type of lighting serves as task lighting, relieving strain on your eyes and creating a pleasant ambiance without the need for brighter overhead lights when you want to relax. Not only does it contribute to a better sleep environment, but it also helps conserve energy.


Underneath The Bed: Discover the enchantment of placing lights underneath the bed, casting a comforting glow in a child's room or adding a touch of coziness to your own bedroom. Embrace the allure of amber hues or other warm tones to create an inviting ambiance. For a truly transformative experience, embrace the versatility of colour-changing LED light strips, empowering you to infuse the space with vibrant purples, serene greens, or any colour that sparks your imagination. Just like other lighting arrangements, RGB accent lights grant you the freedom to effortlessly adjust the brightness and colour, enabling you to personalize your evening lighting journey.


Enhance Your Screen Experience: Uncover the benefits of bias lighting by placing it behind your computer or TV screen, offering relief from eye strain while enhancing image clarity. Create a captivating glow effortlessly by adorning the top, bottom, and sides of the screen with LED light strips. If you're a night gamer or worker, consider experimenting with RGB LED strips to infuse your space with a dynamic colour palette that matches your desired ambiance. However, if you're a creative individual, opt for pure white lighting to ensure accurate colour perception, as other hues may have unintended effects. Transform your screen setup with the magic of bias lighting and elevate your visual experience.




LED strips can be conveniently mounted using two primary methods. The first approach involves utilizing the adhesive backing that is commonly included with LED strip lights. This self-adhesive feature allows for easy installation by simply peeling off the protective layer and affixing the strip onto the desired surface. The double-sided adhesive patch is another option for securing the LED strips in place.


Alternatively, LED strips can be placed in mounts, which offer multiple advantages. These mounts not only provide protection to the LED strips but also help to diffuse the brightness, creating a more visually pleasing lighting effect. Additionally, utilizing mounts enhances the portability of the LED strips, allowing for easy repositioning when needed.