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A brick light refers to a wall light that resembles a house brick in both size and shape. It can be installed by either recessing it into a wall after removing a brick or directly attaching it to the surface of a house brick. These lighting fixtures serve as an excellent option for adding illumination to outdoor paths and walkways.


Brick lighting provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative for those who wish to avoid the cost and intrusiveness of poles or hanging lighting fixtures. It is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking a high-end appearance without straining their budget. By incorporating brick lighting, illuminated pathways not only benefit from beautiful exterior lighting but also enjoy enhanced safety. Additionally, the utilization of low-maintenance and energy-efficient LED brick lights further adds to their advantages.




Certain walls are not suitable for recessed brick lights, especially concrete walls where attempting to cut them would be impractical. While it is possible to install recessed brick lights during the pouring of concrete, dealing with existing concrete presents a different challenge.


Although there are advanced cutting tools available today, even with modern power tools, cutting into concrete would be difficult. This is where surface-mounted brick lights come into play. Yes, surface-mounted brick lights do exist, and they make the installation of low-level lighting a hassle-free process.


The reason behind their easy installation is quite straightforward. All you need to do is fix them onto the wall, run the necessary cables, make the electrical connections, and you're finished. With surface-mounted brick lights, the installation becomes much simpler and more convenient compared to cutting into walls, making them a preferable option in such cases.



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