DC Motor Ceiling Fans

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DC Motor Ceiling Fans

DC ceiling fans are a new breed of ceiling fan with DC motor technology. DC (direct current) ceiling fans use electricity in a direct current stream and offer several benefits over its cousin, the conventional AC (alternating current) ceiling fan. These benefits include greater energy efficiency for the same amount of airflow; extremely quiet operation and DC ceiling fans most commonly come equipped with a remote control.

From a design perspective, DC motors are more compact and lightweight which allows for a slim and sleek design. DC ceiling fans are perfect for areas where quietness is essential, such locations as bedrooms and high use areas where energy consumption matters, saving you running costs in the long term. DC motor ceiling fans are commonly faster to respond from the remote and have a greater amount of fan speed choices.

Although DC motor ceiling fans are efficient to run and they save you on energy costs, they are generally more expensive in comparison to their corresponding AC model. Remember a clear majority of DC ceiling fans have no option to be controlled via a wall control, so most commonly it is a remote that is being used to control the fan. Remotes are very convenient, provided it is within range, and importantly it saves the electrician running wires through the wall to the wall control.

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