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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a vital part of the home as they allow for enjoyment of the summer months with their effective breeze they make. The ceiling fan doesn’t just have to be used in the Summer though, the majority of fans these days come with an all-year-round switching function, which simply changes the usual anti-clockwise direction the fan spins, to a clockwise spin, most manufacturers call it - reverse technology. Instead of pulling hot air up and circulating cooler air down, a reverse function allows the fan to circulate warm air downwards and pull cooler air upwards, keeping you warmer when the temperature drops. Whether you are a first timer when it comes to purchasing a ceiling fan, or you are researching into replacing an existing one, the vast choices available can be paralysing. Below we have the fundamentals of various types of ceiling fans to assist you on your journey in selecting the perfect ceiling fan

Ceiling Fans without Light: If an area that needs cooling down and already has sufficient light levels, either coming from windows, ceiling lights or wall sconces, ceiling fans without a light may be the better option. A ceiling fan without a light offers the same style and functionality as one with a light, only without the integrated light kit - poking out the bottom. It also offers great value at a lower cost if you are on a budget, since you are not paying for a light kit as well in the price.

Ceiling Fans with Light/LED Light: If your living space is lacking in sufficient light levels, a ceiling fan with a light is most likely your best option. There are 3 types of integrated lighting in a fan: - halogen, fluorescent and LED. LED lights are more energy efficient, long lasting and cheaper to run than halogen and fluorescent. With the latest innovations in technology, ceiling fans with an LED light are quickly becoming the standard choice.

Ceiling Fan with Remote: Ceiling fans that do not specify they come with a remote control, will most likely come with a wall control. The disadvantage of having a fan with a wall control is the problem of having to get up every time you want to turn the fan on/off or even to just change the fan speed. A ceiling fan with a remote allows the convenience of controlling the ceiling fan or the light at any location within the remote control’s range.

AC / DC Motor Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans come in two motor types - with an AC or a DC motor. AC ceiling fans are connected directly to the power source, providing the force required to rotate the motor of the fan. DC ceiling fans use the same AC power, with the assistance of a transformer converting the power to DC. This decreases the amount of power required to operate the fan, thus it costs less to run. AC ceiling fans are generally less expensive and have more variety. Since DC technology is new, it will be more expensive to purchase, and there are less choices available. However, DC ceiling fans are more energy efficient and will save you in the long term.

Outdoor / Coastal Ceiling Fans: Indoor ceiling fans come in a variety of styles, suitable for indoor use only. It is important not to use indoor ceiling fans for outdoor applications. Whether choosing a ceiling fan for outdoor or coastal use, it’s important to select an appropriate ceiling fan for the environment to ensure long term performance and warranty coverage. The reason is the materials the fan is made of, is chosen to suit the environments they are supposed to be applied to and will or will not withstand the harsh outside weather and moistures depending what the material is. This can be cross checked with the Ingress Protection rating or Damp rating.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans: If your ceiling height is less than 2.4 metres, and you require a fan to keep you cool, a low profile ceiling fan is the option that is most suitable for your situation. This type of ceiling fan does not take up much ceiling height and can cover the same ground when it comes to circulating air throughout a room. They are just like any other fan, except are closer to your ceiling, they come in a variety of cool styles, with or without light and can also be remote controllable.

In any case, we stock high quality ceiling fans from leading brands, including: - Atlas Fans, Brilliant Lighting, Emerson Fans, Fanimation, Heller, Hunter Fans, Hunter Pacific, Martec, Mercator, My Fan, Three-Sixty and Ventair and the majority are backed up by warranty. Please note that ceiling fans should be installed by an electrician and we advise you not to book an electrician until the products have arrived.