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Fan Light Kits

The most vital component of any ceiling fan is its motor, however, the light kit is the piece your guests will most likely notice first when looking at the ceiling fan, with the blades being the next most likely component they’ll notice.

Nowadays, most modern ceiling fans come pre-built with lighting integrated into the design, a hassle-free way to light your room, removing the potential flickering effect as the fan blades spin past existing lights inside the blade spin radius of your fan. By choosing a suitable fan light kit, it has the potential to enhance and subtly accent your existing decor. Some ceiling fans that do not have a light, have an option to choose a light kit, provided the brand they purchase is compatible with such light kit.

An important feature to consider is if the light in the light kit is energy efficient or not. You will want to choose an option that is most beneficial to your household since ceiling fans are consistently being used throughout all seasons.

Whether you are updating your room with a new ceiling fan, or just need more light and your existing ceiling fan is compatible with certain light kits, we have a wide variety of classic and modern-styled light kits catering to whichever need you have. Browse through our collection of ceiling fan light kits from brands including: - Brilliant Lighting, Cougar Lighting, Hunter Fans, Hunter Pacific, Martec, Mercator and Ventair.