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Crystal Lamps & Table Lamps

By having an appropriate lamp for any space will both boost the décor and allows the room to be more practical. There are many forms of lamps available, they come in as floor lamps, bedside lamps and table lamps. Table lamps are popular since you can simply choose a particular type of lighting you wish, from soft accent lighting to bright lighting. When choosing your table lamp, remember to take notice of the style and furnishings around you, so you can make the right decision that will suit the surroundings. Adding crystals in lamps creates sophisticated style and are an impressive way to bring out the sparkle and elegance to any room. 

Commonly a base of the crystal table lamps contains stacked of crystals globes with a fabric shade. While some crystal table lamps consists of a succession of hanging drop of crystal pieces or a shade composed links of crystals. They have a characteristic that can refract and disperse light, crystal lamps are impressive, elegant and a good light source, ideal for dining room, living area or formal hallways and entrance. 

Shades come in many sizes and shapes to suit crystal lamps style and designs. Below are lists of lampshade style that would suit well for your home:

  • Drum – This lampshade has a soft and contemporary look with round top shape and a straight sides.  

  • Oval – Lamps that have unique sides, an oval lampshade is commonly used. They can make a boring lamp look refined. Also can make any old lamp look more updated.  

  • Empire – A narrow top and wider bottom design, this lampshade style suit wonderfully with tall and slender lamps or squat rounded lamps. Empire shape lampshade can rejuvenate older looking lamps bringing it to present times. 

  • Square – Obviously, this type of square lampshade has four straight sides. They’re always look current all year round and it is the most modern of all lampshades. It is highly suitable with lamps that are rectangular or square themselves, however it does look out of place when the lamps are either curved or round. 

  • Bell – This design as the name suggests, it resembles a bell and it is popular amongst lamp shades. The sides curve upwards into a smaller opening at the top with a bigger opening at the bottom, giving considerable amount of light distribution from the lower end of the lamp. 

  • Cylindrical – Drum and cylindrical lamp shade both similar in shape, the only difference is the sides of the shades are much taller.  The top and bottom openings are equally proportionate in size. Light is disperse upwards rather than spreading outwards compared to the drum lampshade.  

  • Coolie – Widely angled, large opening at the bottom and small opening at the top, Coolie lampshade design to distribute soft ambient light flowing upward while large light disperse at the bottom. The slant is more extreme compared to the bell or empire lampshades and wider in appearance. 

  • Rectangular – This type of lampshade is just as much similar to the square shape shade, commonly used in modern or contemporary lighting designs and architectural homes. The shades are always paired with base that are rectangular in construction, sharp and flat edges with vastly noticeable corners. The light disperse wider at the bottom than the top of the shade.

Doesn’t matter which type of lamps you buy, it makes a great ornament for your home, and also very practical as well. Depending on what mood you would like you’re room to feel, the type of lamp you get, it can provide ambient, task lighting or accent lighting. Feel free to contact us for your lighting and lamps needs either online or our retail store in Browns Plains.