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1) Determine the Height of the Crystal Lamp Shade


When choosing a table lamp, it's important to consider the height of the lampshade in relation to your line of sight. Make sure that the bottom of the lampshade is around eye level when you're seated. This positioning will help prevent any glare that might strain your eyes when you're reading or interacting with others on your bed or sofa. Keeping the lampshade at eye level also ensures that you receive direct light for reading, providing sufficient illumination.


2) Choose the Right Size


The size of the lamp is another crucial factor to keep in mind when making your purchase. Select a table lamp size that complements the overall decor and doesn't look out of place. Generally, the height of the lamp should not exceed 1.5 times the height of your table or the surface it sits on. Additionally, ensure that the lampshade does not extend beyond the edge of your tabletop.


3) Select the Appropriate Bulb


Regardless of the crystal table lamp design you choose, it's important to use the correct type of light bulb. Consider the following basics when selecting light bulbs:-


Wattage: Opt for bulbs with lower wattage if you want to minimize energy consumption. Higher wattage bulbs require more energy, which can lead to increased utility bills.


Lumens: Lumens indicate brightness, so a higher number of lumens is suitable for lamps used to light up rooms or areas that require ambient lighting. Dimmer bulbs with fewer lumens are often used for decorative table lamps.


Kelvins: Kelvins refer to colour temperature. Bulbs with higher Kelvin ratings provide cooler and brighter light, making them suitable for task lighting. Bulbs with lower Kelvin ratings produce warmer light.


Colour Rendering Index: The colour rendering index measures the accuracy of colours rendered by bulbs. Higher-index bulbs accurately display the true colours of objects in the surrounding area. LEDs are a good example of bulbs with a broad colour spectrum and high colour rendering index, while fluorescent bulbs have a lower index.




The lighting colour or appearance plays a vital role in adding the final touches to your lamp. Selecting the appropriate colour temperatur for your room is essential to maintain the lamp's charm. Remember, lamps are not just about their design; they also create a specific mood when they illuminate a space.


For bedrooms and living rooms, opt for light bulbs with a colour temperature ranging from 2700K to 3200K, as they emit a warm white light. This creates a welcoming, intimate, and calming ambiance.


On the other hand, bathrooms, kitchens, and workspaces benefit from bright white and cool white light bulbs, typically falling within the 3200K to 4500K range.


If you are an avid reader or spend a significant amount of time in your office, consider using a reading lamp with a light bulb that has a color temperature ranging from 4500K to 6500K.


We recommend warm white (2700K-3200K) bulbs as the ideal choice for table and floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, and ceiling fixtures.




Absolutely! LED bulbs are a fantastic choice for illuminating your crystal table lamp. They're highly regarded for their energy efficiency and are compatible with a wide range of lighting fixtures, including crystal table lamps. With LED bulbs, you have the flexibility to personalize the ambiance of your lamp by selecting from various sizes, shapes, and colour temperatures. Additionally, LED bulbs offer enduring brightness, consume minimal energy, and generate very little heat, making them an ideal lighting solution for crystal table lamps.