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Sleep is vital. We all need proper sleep. As we are approaching to winter, most people are having trouble sleeping due to the low temperature within their home. By having a heater in place, it eliminates broken sleep, as it keeps you warm. Before buying heaters for your home, there are many factors to consider such as the following:


  • Type of heaters appropriate for your living space
  • Different heater types to suit your needs and requirements
  • The running cost for each type and will suit your space


No matter what kind of heaters you are buying, at JD Lighting we will help and guide you through all the factors that you will need to find the perfect heater for your home.

Compare Energy Plans

Before doing any energy company comparison, ensure the heater you are purchasing has a four to five star energy rating, as this will save you in a long run on electricity costs. Depending on the manufacturer, some already contain specification on its energy consumption. The next stage, look for cheaper energy alternative to run your heater. There are many comparison websites that allows you to compare energy suppliers who offers electricity at a cheap rate.

Types of Heaters:

  • Fan Heaters - Ideal for a small room or a one person heater that has the ability to warm the air quickly. Some design allows you to have the option to choose cooling, it’s ideal for summer. Fan heaters are affordable and suitable for households that has a set limited budget.
  • Radiant Bar Heaters – Unlike fan heaters, the radiant bar radiate heats outwards, achieved by bars which are built into the heater. Suitable to heat people and object directly in a small space. Similar to fan heaters, the price range are affordable for those are on a tight budget.
  • Convector Heaters – An electric powered design that operate by taking cold air in, circulating through the heater and emits warm air out. This type of heater is just as portable as the fan and radiant bar heaters. It comes in different shapes and sizes at a price point that are generally more expensive than fan and radiant bar heaters.
  • Oil-Filled Heaters – A column design producing heat throughout the columns using oil within the heater. The benefit of oil-filled heaters is that it continues to produce heat over a period of time once it turns off. Available in all shapes and sizes, similar to the radiant and convector heaters, it operates silently. Downside is, the cost is more expensive compared to any other heaters out there.
  • Gas Heaters – Two options available for this type – existing gas within the property or LPG heaters for those without natural gas. For a fixed gas heater, a flue pipe venting emissions out of the home using gas already existed in the house. For a portable gas heater, opt for a LPG heater. Gas heaters are commonly more expensive than electric heaters and will not be affected when there is a blackout.
  • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners – Air conditioners nowadays has the feature of heating giving buyers the flexibility to cool down in summer and keep warm in winter. There are many variations of these types of air conditioner available to suit your home surroundings. It can be expensive to purchase however the technology in these unit deliver long term electricity cost savings.

Portable Heaters:

A portable heater is handy to quickly warm up any small room without any hassle during the winter months. Commonly portable heaters are electric and cheaper to purchase compare to gas heaters. Make sure you buy heaters within Australia that comply with Australian electrical standards, to safeguard yourself from electrical fires. The best way to use portable heaters is to place them on the floor and never have them in the bathrooms, kitchen or other wet areas. Always keep the heater away from clothes, curtains and furniture as it can cause house fire.

Indoor Outdoor Heaters:

Make the most of your living space throughout the year especially in the winter months by installing indoor and outdoor heaters. A well design outdoor area can become an extension of your indoor space. Having the right outdoor heater in place allows you to enjoy the whole area month to month long after summer has come and gone. An outdoor heater not only adds warmth, they also make an attractive centrepiece to your outdoor area.


Indoor heaters has many types that you can choose, ranging from radiant bar design, oscillating ceramic fan, columns, fixed electric fireplace to portable heaters. While outdoors heaters ranging from infra-red strip, mounted strip, pedestal design to ceiling hang patio heaters.

Bathroom 3-in-1 Heaters:

The 3 in 1 bathroom appliances consists of light, ventilation and a heater. A unique product that delivers all the benefits needed for the users. It provides efficient lighting using high tech technology, gives heat in winter months to keep you warm and most importantly extract unwanted moisture within the bathroom leaving it mould free. There are a wide range of designs and unit sizes to suit the area of your bathroom that meets your requirements. With the right unit in place, it will give everyone comfort after every shower during in winter months while leaving the bathroom free of moisture.