Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans are an excellent addition to your outdoor entertaining area. Besides keeping your undercover alfresco and outdoor space cool over the warmer days and nights, outdoor ceiling fans can also create a barrier against mosquitoes and bugs. Outdoor ceiling fans are also perfectly suitable for an undercover pergola and gazebo. However, if you live in a coastal area, ensure the ceiling fan you purchase is a coastal outdoor ceiling fan. The reason is the material being used can withstand coastal elements, which increases the lifetime use of the fan.

For any outdoor ceiling fan purchase, ensure it is not for indoor use only, and that the fan either has a damp or wet rating.

i) Damp rating ceiling fans are manufactured to withstand humidity and moisture, but not direct contact with water. This type of fan can be used outdoor but only undercover where it will not be exposed to rain or wind. However, you can place this type of ceiling fan in other damp places around the house, including in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and covered porches.

ii) Wet rating ceiling fans are designed for areas that are constantly exposed to splashes of rain/water, however the lifetime use may differ according to the fan. The moisture resistant motor can endure the wet elements; thus these fans can be placed in areas such as decks and patios which are always exposed to the weather.

Wet and damp rated ceiling fan blades are commonly made from special ABS plastic, also known as all-weather blades, as this strengthens the fan to withstand the moistures. Selecting any ceiling fans that are specifically designed for outdoor use isn’t that daunting after all, provided you have thoroughly researched and have gathered the correct information. Browse through our collection of outdoor ceiling fans from your favourite brands, including: - Atlas Fans, Brilliant Lighting, Emerson Fans, Hunter Fans, Hunter Pacific, Martec, Mercator, Three-Sixty and Ventair.