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Smart Ceiling fans

Over the last few decades, the improvement of home appliances makes life easier and saves more time for people who have a busy life. Over recent years, smart technology make waves in people’s home and businesses and ease the day to day tasks creating more efficiency. It’s integrated into thermostats, light bulbs, power meters and now ceiling fans. Yes, now ceiling fans are equipped with a smart chip and assist households to control a room temperature conveniently via voice or Wi-Fi over the internet.

Why Smart Technology

The word “smart” in smart technology is from an acronym “Self-Monitoring, Analysis Reporting Technology” and now it’s widely used as the word “smart” which can also define as operating by automation. Giving users the ability of a more hands-free experience, for a peace of mind when life gets in a way. This smart chip is widely integrated into modern home appliances and devices such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioners, lighting fixtures and fans. It allows users the convenience to control or automate sections of the home or property from a single or multiple smart device. The smart device can be a remote control or a smart phone via Wi-Fi over the internet as it allows you to set and forget simple tasks and keep an eye on your property.

What is a Smart Ceiling Fan

A smart ceiling fan is just like any other ceiling fan, the only difference is it has an integrated smart chip to allow the fan to be conveniently either controlled wirelessly or hands-free. Users are able to use a smartphone to adjust the fan’s functions anytime without being there via Wi-Fi connection. Certain models is built to be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice activation capabilities.

As an extra bonus, smart ceiling fan are design to be energy efficient compared to the traditional ceiling fans. Over time, these smart fans has the capability to track the energy consumptions, this is beneficial as it allows you to track your usage level and hence saves money in the long run.

Convert Existing Ceiling Fan to a Smart One

Already have ceiling fans installed? No problem, there is a smart remote control kit that allows you to easily integrate into your existing ceiling fan and turn it into a smart device.

It is a fantastic investment converting your existing ceiling fan into a smart ceiling fan. Any ceiling fan previously purchased are now smart giving you more control when the fan is on, off, plus access to other features using your smartphone via Wi-Fi over the internet.The smart remote control kit, save you money and installation cost without going out there and buying a new smart ceiling fan.