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Crystal lights are our team's preferred choice in transforming any living space into an alluring and sophisticated part of the home. Unlike glass, crystals can create a beautiful sparkle effect as light bounces off the surface of each crystal. If you want a statement piece that shimmers a particular room and provide a great talking point, then we’d certainly recommend these products below:

  • Crystal Close to Ceiling Lights: - This type of crystal lighting are commonly used for formal theme rooms, creating elegance and refinement. Close to Ceiling Lights are designed to mount closed to the ceiling with no little gap between the light fixture and the ceiling. The flush mount design are less inclined to catching bugs and dust inside and around the fixtures. One of the common location to installed crystal close to ceiling light in modern styled homes is in the dining room, this increases the status of the room. 

  • Crystal Pendant Lights: - Getting the right crystal pendant light size can be a challenge for first time home owners, location and the type of use are the two main points to consider. There is a difference between crystal pendant and crystal chandelier lights, this can be distinguish by the amount of bulbs on each electrical connection. Pendant lighting has one wire connection per bulb, chandelier consists of multiple bulbs suspended from a single connection point. Crystal pendant lights brings sophistication to any room and is the most elegant hanging light option available.

  • Crystal Wall Lights: - A perfect way to make any space feel more welcoming and complete is by installing wall lights. Wall lighting added a great benefits to any home, it makes the room feel brighter, gives an illusion that the room is bigger and it creates a pleasant atmosphere. By adding crystal to wall lights produce a sense of elegance and sophistication to your home. Crystal wall lights can be installed in a hallway, stairway, bathroom, dining area, living room and either side of the bed. 

  • Crystal Lamps & Table Lamps: - By having a lamp in your home in a particular area, it can create an inviting feel and positive mood to your visitors. There are different types of lamps that can provide your home ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. Crystal design lamps gives off a timeless and classic look and brings sparkle and elegance to a room. Regardless of the room setting, consider blending in the appearance of your crystal lamp with chandeliers or crystal fixtures to create a uniform and cohesive design look.

  • Lampada Designia Collection: - If you want beautiful and elegant crystal lighting fixtures, then consider Lampada Designia Collection. These crystal lighting fixtures are suited for dining room area, foyer and large formal spaces. Crystal is much alike to glass but more refined, and the way it is cut, crystal reflects and refracts light, not only adds sparkle, it assists the room looking larger and expansive than it actually is. 

We’ve got a great variety of crystal lighting solutions, so whatever design you’re looking for we’re sure you’ll find something that matches your style, budget, and existing interior decor. From elegant and attractive LED crystal light pendants, to crystal CTC lights, crystal wall lights, and many more, you’ll easily be able to narrow down your search to your preferred style. If you like these premium products without the price tag, then feel free to browse our range and see what takes your fancy.