Inline Exhaust Fans

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Inline Exhaust Fans

Ceiling exhaust fans are commonly used throughout residential and commercial properties. It’s conveniently extract moisture or bad odour upwards through the ceiling and can be exhausted into the roof cavity or exhausted out. An inline exhaust fan is less well known compared to a ceiling exhaust fan.

The difference is the inline exhaust fans installed directly into the ceiling cavity and mounted in between lengths of ducting. This type of exhaust fan are popular in places that have no clearance or roof space for a ceiling fan. The benefit of an inline ceiling fan it reduces noise due to being installed in the roof cavity.

An inline exhaust fans suitable for any residential, commercial and industrial applications. It comes in three type of motors:


Axial Motors: This consist of a single propeller, ideal to install in areas with short measure of ducting, minimal bends and no branches. It has the ability to shift large volume of air at very low pressure.



Centrifugal Motors: Applicable in location where there are longer measures of ducting and may have potential bends and branches. It extracts large amount of air against high pressure while retaining its capacity over a long duct run.



Mixflow Motors: The name speaks for itself, a combination of an axial and centrifugal motor making this model unique. This unit has the ability to install in ducting that is longer and that has bends and branches.