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LED Drivers

The innovation of LED lights makes it so popular in new homes due to the energy efficiency and saving costs. Existing homes without LED lights now can easily installed by integrating a LED driver. An LED driver is a self-contained device that controls the amount of current and voltage supplied to an LED light, allowing for constant quantity of power to the LED as well as dimming in some cases. The driver is the vital component and without it resulting in system failure. Knowing different types and variations of LED drivers suitable for your home can be less overwhelming. Here we will be discussing the important factors in deciding the perfect LED drivers for your home.



LED Driver Consideration


  • LEDs type and quantity
  • Constant current LED driver or constant voltage LED driver
  • Type of power – AC or DC
  • Space limitation
  • Application goals – size, cost, efficiency or performance
  • Special features – dimming, pulsing or microprocessor control



Maximum Output


Determine the maximum output of the LED driver to find it suitability. Find the wattage requirement per set length, multiply by total number of set length in the strip. If the wattage is within range of the LED driver, then it is suitable.





When choosing an LED driver, consider ones that has the ability to dim. Some drivers doesn’t have this kind of feature. Dimmable driver allows you to dim your lighting to a specific mood. There are two types of dimming:


DC Dimming – Use in low voltage DC powered drivers and provide full range of 0 – 100 % dimming.


AC Dimming – Design for high voltage AC powered drivers and dimming ranges from 0 – 10 V.



Driver’s Life Expectancy


No issues with efficiency when running LED lights for an extended period of time, however some strip lights require a different power source when illuminating for more than a standard working day or evening. Depending on the location and use of the LED drivers, having a longer life expectancy is important especially if it is for commercial application. Choose from our range depending on output current, supply voltage, output voltage, maximum switching frequency and other requirements here.