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The design of a Gimbal downlight gives you the option to rotate back and forth, allowing you to be more creative in your lighting plan. Fixed downlight is not adjustable, they face downwards only. Fixed downlight is commonly used in general purpose lighting, allowing the light to shine uniformly on the floor, while the Gimbal downlight which is designed to potentially shine at an angle. 


Gimble downlights are very useful for task lighting and is great for areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and study rooms where shadows can become a problem. Gimble downlights are excellent for houses with raked ceilings or sloped ceilings as the light can be adjusted to shine straight down. 

If you have a particular area that you want light to shine onto, but finding it hard to get to it, due to a slope or raked ceiling, then a Gimble downlight is highly suitable for this purpose. Spending money on Gimble downlights is expensive compared to fixed downlights. Only use it sparingly when necessary. Otherwise for general purpose lighting, best to use fixed downlights. Want more information, read our buyer’s guide article for choosing the LED downlights for your home.