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Expand the possibilities of your downlight installations with Extension and Adapter Plates. These versatile accessories make it easy to adapt your fixtures to different ceiling types and configurations.

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Downlights Accessories

LED downlights is the number one preference for homeowners and businesses when it comes to general lighting, due to its low running costs and efficiency. With the sheer number of downlights installed, there are many downlight accessories available on the market for those required fixing or replacing. Below are the lists of downlight accessories that you can purchase to change or repair to existing LED downlights. 

Downlight Adaptor Plate: This type of plate is an excellent accessory when upgrading from a tired downlight that bare a large cut-out in your plaster ceiling. There are various cut-out size adaptor plates, these include 70mm, 90mm, 140mm and 170mm, allowing you to hide damaged cut-outs without plastering or painting. Nowadays these adaptor plates are made of high quality materials giving it a longer lifespan. 


Push Button Dimmer & Switch: Sleek modern design, this type of dimmer is an all in one switch and push button dimmer mechanism. Made for convenience as there will be no additional wiring and no expensive control systems. This device is enhanced for LED loads plus it is also compatible with other common lamp types such as halogen, compact fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp. Dimmers is a useful device that is capable of achieving the light level you want and allows you to change the mood of a room.   

Leading Edge LED Dimmer: A re-design of the leading edge dimmer allows to work efficiently with modern day lighting especially when it comes to LED lights. The original design has its drawbacks, often causes a lot of buzzing noise and vibrations in the electronic components. The costs are more affordable than compared to trailing edge LED dimmer, very suitable for those who are on a budget. 

Trailing Edge LED Dimmer: This kind of dimmer is more advanced, the technology used is made to reduce the buzzing more so than the leading edge dimmer. It has been re-design to be compatible to work efficiently with LED lights. Depending on the brand, it can come in more extra features compared to the leading edge dimmer these includes soft start, smooth control, silent running and multi-way dimming.   

Trailing Edge Touch Dimmer: The touch dimmer is very common in most modern homes nowadays due to its sleek design and functionality. Design with an on/off or touch dimming control or soft start.  Depending on the brand, it can come in 2 shapes of push button to suit all wall plates. It was built to handle load of 350w, safeguard against overheating, over current and short circuits. It reduces wiring as it doesn’t require a neutral connection and has the capability for a 1-way or 2-way operation.   

LED Driver: An LED driver is a self-sufficient unit regulating power that is needed for an LED or an array of LEDs. This device is specially designed to work with LEDs, since LED has low power consumption and longer lifespan characteristic. It safeguards LEDs from voltage and current fluctuations. LED drivers are either built in internally housed in the same case or exist as a standalone device used externally by connecting to a LED downlight. The device serve two functions: 

  1. Change from higher voltage alternating current to low voltage direct current.

  2. Maintain the voltage or current running at a safe rated level.

3 Core Flex & Plug Cable: This cable comes in handy as a good replacement for any lighting and fan connection. Usually it is suitable with any downlight with a transformer. It consists of 3 cores encapsulated by a white or coloured PVC outer sheath.