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Extrusion Profiles

LED strip lighting gives flexibility in customization and ideal for accent or task lighting alternative for indoor or outdoor and commercial or residential applications. To give LED strip lighting a complete finished professional look, the LED tape need to be house in an extrusion commonly made from aluminium.


An unhoused PCB LEDs is not ideal compared to a housed PCB LEDs if the product is installed in areas where it can be clearly visible. When LED strips are housed in an extrusion, it help to protect these LEDs from damage either from within reach or moisture in the environment. For enhance protection against water, better to consider installing IP67 LED tape in an extrusion.


There are many LED strips options available to complete any residential or commercial application that brings any space more alive. Not all options are simple, nor one size fits all, it is important to find a reputable reseller who can guide you in a right direction. At JD Lighting we have over 30 years combine of experience you can count on. Rest assure you will find what you are looking for.