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Extension Rods

Most ceiling fans are designed to suit the standard 2.4 metre ceiling height. If your ceiling far exceeds this distance from the floor, an extension rod may be required to extend the ceiling fan down to a height where it could efficiently cool you.

Most older houses are built to this 2.4 metre ceiling height with newer ones now moving towards 2.5 metre and 2.7 metre ceiling heights, although if home owners are willing to pay a little extra, ceiling heights can exceed the 2.7 metre mark.

Our extension rods most commonly come in 460mm, 600mm, 900mm, 910mm or 1800mm lengths and the majority can be cut down to size by the installer, meeting your exact specification. As a side note, most extension rods are made for a specific fan range or a small group of fan ranges.

Most extension rods come in a variety of colours which match the ceiling fan colours they support, hence it may be important to you to select the correct one. Browse through our great selection of extension rods, from brands like: - Brilliant Lighting, Emerson Fans, Fanimation, Hunter Fans, Hunter Pacific, Martec, Mercator and Ventair.