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Enhance your electrical setup with Adaptors & Timers. These versatile accessories offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to adapt plugs to different outlets and automate your devices with precision timing. 

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Electrical adapters and timers are designed to save users' costs, power, and bring convenience to their daily lives. Depending on the brand, you can now purchase one with a built-in smart chip, allowing you to easily communicate with it using your phone. Here, we will discuss the different types available for purchase:


Smart Plug

Remember how smartphones were introduced to everyone in the last decade? Over time, they rapidly gained momentum to the point where the supply couldn't keep up with the demand. The same thing is happening with smart home devices, which are becoming increasingly popular. If your existing appliances are not smart, a smart plug can turn them into smart appliances, such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, standing fans, etc. However, there is a limit to how smart they can become. A smart plug allows you to control these appliances through an app on your phone, even when you are away.


A smart plug is a less expensive solution to make your existing wall outlet smart. Instead of transforming your living space into a true smart home, which would require rewiring and replacing your existing outlets with smart in-wall models (which can be very costly), a smart plug offers the opposite approach. The user simply configures the add-on plug with an app, connects it to their network, and uses it to control whatever is plugged into it.


Smart Plug with Energy Monitor

The same concept as mentioned above, but with an extra feature: monitoring energy consumption. This feature provides information on how much power is being used by a connected device. Users can access this information through the device's mobile app, which tracks power consumption.



Exhaust Fan Run on Timer

This unique device is perfect for landlords who own rental properties. It can be installed to adequately ventilate the property as needed. Why would anyone need one of these? It keeps the fan operating beyond the point when the fan switch is turned off. If the moisture in any room isn't ventilated properly, it can cause mould, which can lead to health problems for the person living there.




Conserving energy in your household not only contributes to environmental preservation but also brings additional advantages. Enhancing energy efficiency leads to cost savings on your utility bills. A straightforward method to decrease your regular energy consumption is by installing timers for various appliances and devices in your home. This, in turn, results in noteworthy reductions in your annual electric, heating, and cooling expenses.