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Maximize convenience and functionality with Wall Control Kits. These handy accessories allow you to adjust fan speed, direction, and lighting from a centralized location on your wall. 

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A ceiling fan wall controller is a device used to manage the operation of a ceiling fan from a wall-mounted location. It enables you to adjust various settings of the fan, such as its speed, direction, and sometimes even the lighting if the fan is equipped with integrated light fixtures.


Ceiling fan wall controllers typically integrate buttons, touch screens, or a combination of both to perform these functions. They provide an alternative method of operating the fan without the need for a remote control.


Some common functions that a ceiling fan wall controller might provide include


Fan Speed Control: You can use the wall controller to switch between different fan speed settings, such as low, medium, and high.


Fan Direction Control: Ceiling fans can usually rotate in two directions: clockwise and counterclockwise. The wall controller might allow you to change the fan's rotation direction to better suit different seasons. For instance, counterclockwise rotation is often used in warmer months to create a cooling breeze, while clockwise rotation can help circulate warm air during cooler months.


Light Control: If your ceiling fan includes an integrated light fixture, the wall controller might have buttons to turn the light on or off and possibly adjust its brightness level or even colour temperature.


Timer Function: Some advanced wall controllers may include a timer function, allowing you to set the fan to run for a specified period and then automatically turn off, provided it is compatible with the ceiling fan model.


Ceiling fan wall controllers enhance the convenience and functionality of using a ceiling fan, making it easier to adjust the fan's settings. They are wired into the electrical system of your home and require installation by a professional electrician.




Ceiling fan wall controllers may not be universally compatible with all ceiling fan models, as compatibility can vary based on several factors.


Here are a few key points to consider


Motor Type: AC and DC motors have different electrical characteristics and control requirements. AC motors are more common in traditional ceiling fans, while DC motors are often found in modern, energy-efficient fans. Wall controllers designed for one motor type might not work properly or safely with the other.


Speed and Dimming Control: Ceiling fans may have different numbers of speed settings and dimming options. Wall controllers should be designed to handle the specific speed and dimming control features of the fan.


Brand and Model Specifics: Certain ceiling fan manufacturers design proprietary control systems that may not be compatible with standard wall controllers. In such cases, you would need to use the manufacturer's recommended control options.


Installation and Configuration: Proper installation and configuration are crucial for compatibility. Some ceiling fans might require specific setup steps or adjustments to work correctly with a wall controller.


It's crucial to verify compatibility based on the factors mentioned above before making a purchase or attempting installation.




Converting a standard wall controller to a smart one typically involves replacing the existing controller with a compatible smart controller that offers the desired features.


Before proceeding with such an upgrade, consider the following:


Check Compatibility

Ensure that the smart ceiling fan wall controller you're considering is compatible with your specific ceiling fan model. This includes compatibility with the motor type (AC or DC), speed settings, and any other unique features of your fan.


Smart Home Integration

If you're looking for smart home integration, make sure the smart controller is compatible with your preferred smart home platform (e.g., Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant).


Mobile App and Voice Control

Check if the smart controller offers a dedicated mobile app for remote control and if it supports voice commands through virtual assistants.


Features and Functionality

Review the features and functionalities of the smart controller, such as scheduling, timer settings, and fan speed control.


Installation Requirements

Understand that the installation process may require professional assistance, such as an electrician, and be aware of any wiring changes that might be necessary. Some smart controllers may have specific wiring or installation instructions that need to be followed.


Our Recommendation

The Brilliant Smart WiFi Wall Controller is the second generation controller aimed at converting your existing AC ceiling fan into a smart fan. This advanced model offers a primary advantage: the ability to seamlessly substitute your current AC wall controller, eliminating the need for any additional receiver setup. Featuring a user-friendly soft touch interface, the Brilliant Smart Fan Wall Controller boasts essential functions such as a fan on/off switch, fan speed adjustments, and a light on/off control. Furthermore, the light switch functionality extends to the option of replacing your pre-existing light switch, adding to its versatile capabilities.