Solar Lights

Solar powered lights are easy to install & requires no wiring

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Solar Lights

Over the years solar has becoming more popular for its efficiency and cost saving benefits. Now there are new markets emerging in the lighting industry especially for outdoor applications. Solar lights are commonly use in garden landscaping and pathways where wiring is difficult. Powered by the sun, it is a convenient way to brighten any outdoors areas without any electricity. Each of the solar lights consists of an internal battery to power the light and it charges during the day using its own solar panel.  


Some many positive benefits of using solar energy for outdoor lighting are:



Cost Effective – Solar lights uses the sun’s energy to power at night, good value for money since it doesn’t require electricity to function. The only cost is the initial purchase of the solar lights, after that it won’t cost you anything to run it.



Energy Efficient – Solar lights are very friendly to the environment, reducing energy consumption and supplies green energy daily, even on an overcast days. The more people uses solar lights, it lowers power plants burning fossil fuels to make electricity, contributing to a safer and healthier planet. An added benefit it is still operational when there is a power outage or power cut.



Easy Installation – The flexible things about using solar lights is that anyone can install it anywhere without the need of a handyman or contractor. This is perfect for those who are afraid of a messy look that comes along with wiring.    



Below are a lists of different types of solar lights available.  

Solar Garden Lights: Decorate your garden beds or outdoor areas with various sizes and designs to enhance its characteristics in different locations. Highly suitable for path lights, patios, pool area and gardens. Solar garden lights gives an excellent aesthetic value to the property, it draws special attention to certain areas that you want, giving it a focal point. Some design has a robust spike, allowing you to place it into the soil, sand or other friable materials.


Solar Spotlights & Floodlights: Ideal for security purposes adding protection to a property with ease, no hardwiring required or an electrician. New innovation brings a lot of flexibility in features. The common one has a built in motion sensor detecting movement’s metres away, with several brightness modes. While others has a built in timer to automatically turn itself on for applications that requires scheduling.


Solar Wall Lights: Using the energy from the sun, it is a great way to utilize natural resources to power any outdoor lighting applications. Outdoor wall lights aren’t the convenient or easiest of items to connect up to an electrical connection. A practical solution to this issue is by using solar wall lights where necessary. Solar wall lights provides a unique way of powering a collection of lights to external spaces, buildings and garden walls.



Solar Post Lights: Enjoy your yard at night with security and peace of mind by installing some lamp post lights. Lamp post lights gives that extra boost of warmth and comfort to any outdoor occasions. All your guests will relish being outside socialising one and another till the night is over. Installing outdoor post lights can be costly without existing electrical connection. A simple solution to this dilemma is by having solar post lights. Solar lamp post provide many positive benefits as it makes the installation extremely easy since no need for wiring the lamp post to the electricity utility grid. This allows property owners to place it anywhere by themselves and saves them costs on not hiring an electrician to install their solar lamp posts.