Star8 Solar

Star8 Solar

Star8 Solar Lighting

Star8 is an innovative solar technology company that pioneer green technology that strive to bring our earth back to health. They are continuously introducing green technology products and applications into the market especially in the lighting industry for both residential and commercial properties.


Solar8 solar lights combines a solar panel, LED lamp and their lithium iron phosphate battery into a single product, providing end user a low energy usage, long life and high luminance. Their outdoor solar lights is ideal for residential or commercial application especially in secluded location or areas that is hard to do rework electrical wires.


The solar panel cells converts’ energy from the sun into electricity which is stored in the battery, it automatically lights up when sunset hits and brighten your outdoor areas. Star8 solar powered outdoor and garden lights are design and engineered to combat a wide range of environments, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

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