Wall Fans

Get more floor space when the weather is hot. Install any of our range of wall fans.

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Wall Fans

Fans is one of the cost effective way to keep the air cool throughout summer. Fans has its limitations compared to other cooling method such as air conditioning but overall it is well deserve its place. There are different types of fans available on the market, these includes – desks fans, pedestal fans, tower fans, ceiling fans and wall fans. Here we are going to discuss further on wall fans and why it works wonders compared to the other mentions.



Ceiling Fans VS Wall Fans



So what is the difference between ceiling fans and wall fans? Ceiling fans pushes air downwards, while wall mounted fans pushes air horizontally. Wall mounted fans are great when using in conjunction with an air conditioner, as it moves the cool air effectively through indoor spaces, while circulating warm air from the ceiling during winter.



Space Saving Benefit


If you don’t have enough space for your internal area, consider getting wall fans. When fans are mounted on the wall, it helps to save floor space for furniture, gym equipment and importantly keeps out of reach children. It can be unsafe at times when you leave any electrical appliances near children or pets while the blades are rotating.



Plug & Play for Residential & Commercial Use



The great thing about having a mounted wall fan, no hardwiring is needed, this saves property owners in installation costs. A good option to choose when your ceiling is too high or there is no wiring in the ceiling.  



Residential Use: Attic, home gym, play room or stuffiness area that requires air circulation.  



Commercial Use: Warehouse, restaurants, gyms, schools and offices that are limited in space.  



There are a wide range of wall fans available that are well suited for any room that has no space. It can be of an issue with ventilations when a room is angled or tightly constructed. Wall fans will circulate sufficient air flow throughout the room, even in tight spaces. Now property owners can relaxed and keep themselves cool in summer without being suffocated.