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Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom gets more use than most other rooms in your home, so you want to make sure you get your bathroom lighting solution right the first time. All aspects of the bathroom need to be considered when deciding what products to use. You will need to think about the tasks to be performed, whether it will be more lighting in front of a mirror or in the shower or just simply extract moisture from the bathroom. The product needs to be versatile that it can address these issues. Below we will dive into details the fundamentals of your ideal bathroom lighting, bathroom heating and bathroom accessories for your home:

Bathroom 3-in-1 Heaters: Our 3-in-1 bathroom heaters are not only invaluable when it comes to lighting; they are also great for providing much needed heat and ventilation built in. It can be controlled independently or a combination of light, heat and ventilation. 

  1. Bathroom Heat Lamp: - A bathroom heat lamp is handy for those cold winter days when you’ve just stepped out of the shower and need warming up. There are a range of selections of heat lamps for your replacement including brands like: - Brilliant Lighting, CLA Lighting, Martec, Mercator, and Ventair.

  1. Bathroom Exhaust Fan: - Extract unwanted moisture from your bathroom, leaving it moisture and odour free. Too much moisture in any bathroom will allow mould to grow and this may affect your health. Remember ventilation is the key to prevent mould build up.   

The versatile 3-in-1 bathroom heater is an excellent product that solves all your ventilation, lighting and heating problems and since all aspects can be controlled independently, you can use what is needed.  

Vanity & Mirror Lights: Whether you are building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, finding the perfect bathroom vanity and mirror lights can be stressful. This light fixtures can either be installed above or alongside a mirror to provide extra brightness for viewing of the face and removing unwanted shadows. Be aware that small bathrooms with bright vanity/mirror lights can overwhelm the bathroom, the adjoined room or ensuite, causing it to be over-lit, however this can be offset by using other light source in the room. Also by having a vanity mirror light only on one side will create an uneven lighting.  

Exhaust Fans: If there is already an existing light source in your bathroom and you just want a product to extract moisture from the air, an exhaust fan without a light is an ideal option for this. One important factor to consider is the exhaust fan size, it needs to be the right fit for the bathroom. Manufacturers commonly advise bathroom with a shower, the exhaust fan must have a capacity of fifteen to twenty times the air volume in the room. The power it has will remove any moistures preventing mould, mildew and other instances structural rot. 

Heated Towel Rail: Hanging smelly wet towels in any bathroom can be a problem for those who find the smell unbearable. Wet towels that stayed wet over a period of time creates an ideal environment for germs and mould to grow along with the bad odour. Often times bathrooms in most homes doesn’t have enough towel rails to accommodate the number of towels being used, leaving no space to allow air to circulate and dry them. This makes it impossible to fold them and put them away whilst the towels are wet. The solution to this problem is to have a heated towel rail in the bathroom, giving you more space to hold more than one towel and dry the towels by the heated rail. 

Bathroom Lighting & Heating Accessories: Enhance your existing bathroom lighting and heating with accessories that brings you convenience. The most common accessory homeowners find useful is turning their existing bathroom light and heating to remote controllable with a receiver kit.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating, getting the right information on 3-in-1 bathroom heater, vanity lights, exhaust fans or bathroom lighting can save you on wastage costs. We have a wide range of bathroom lighting brands to cater to your needs above including: - Brilliant Lighting, Cougar Lighting, Eglo Lighting, Heller, IXL, Martec, Mercator and Ventair.