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Illuminate your space with robust efficiency, ensuring safety and visibility - even in the darkest corners.

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Bunker lights fall under the category of exterior wall lights that are suitable for a wide range of installations, such as walkways, pathways, stairways, and recessed areas that require security lighting. These wall lights play a crucial role in reducing the risk of accidents and tripping by eliminating shadows in these designated areas. Originally adapted from rugged lights used in challenging environments like underground mines and marine settings, bunker lights have evolved over time, while still preserving some of their vintage industrial elements.




Plain Cover Bunker Lights: Drawing inspiration from the elegance of old-fashioned gas street lights before the period of electricity, these lights feature a distinctive and timeless design that enhances the sophistication of any residential or office space, whether utilized indoors or outdoors.


Eyelid Cover Bunker Lights: The eyelid cover bunker lights, an illuminating solution that effectively minimizes glare while casting a gentle downward glow, enhancing both ambiance and ensuring safe navigation. These lights are thoughtfully designed with a protective "eyelid" cover, preventing direct exposure to the light source and instead directing the illumination in a focused downward manner. This design not only reduces glare but also provides a targeted and pleasant illumination for the desired area.

LED Bunker Lights: LED bunker lights are ideal for providing practical illumination in an area. When compared to traditional lighting options, LED bunker lights bring forth numerous benefits. One major advantage is their remarkable energy efficiency, as they consume considerably less power than conventional lighting technologies. This leads to reduced electricity expenses and a minimized ecological footprint. Overall, LED bunker lights offer an effective and environmentally friendly solution for lighting needs. 

Up/Down Bunker Lights: Up and Down bunker lights offer an excellent opportunity to enhance the atmosphere in the exterior of your home. With their decorative two-way pattern of light, they create a cozy and inviting effect. These lights emit illumination both upwards and downwards, resulting in a unique lighting display. By using Up and Down bunker lights, you can add a touch of warmth and welcoming ambiance to your outdoor spaces. They are specifically designed to complement the architectural features of your home and contribute to its overall aesthetic appeal.