Track Light Accessories

Track Light Accessories

Seamlessly connect track lights and provide a neat finish at the ends, effortlessly improving the final job.

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L-Shape Joiner: The L-Shaped joiner enables seamless track direction alteration, creating an elegant L-shaped configuration. This proves particularly advantageous in expansive areas or when extending the track into an adjoining room.


Cross Joiner: Elevate your track lighting design with the versatile Cross Joiner, a pivotal element that facilitates the convergence of four tracks at a single focal point. Craft expansive track arrangements effortlessly or seamlessly traverse different zones within your living space using this essential component.


Centre Feed Joiner: Employ a dynamic center feed joiner to seamlessly link two tracks, integrating them through a central junction box. This innovative solution facilitates a balanced power distribution coursing through the core, departing from the conventional single-end power entry.


T-Shape Joiner: Much like its L-shaped counterpart, the T-shaped connector offers the functionality of integrating three tracks at a single junction point.


Live End Joiner: Vitalizes your lighting track system by delivering essential power. The live end serves as the epicenter of the junction box, through which wires seamlessly channel to energize your illuminating masterpiece!


Adjustable Joiner: The adjustable connector empowers your track to elegantly trace the unique contours of your space, ensuring a flawless installation tailored to perfection.


Straight Joiner: The straight joiner serves as the essential link for seamlessly connecting two linear tracks. Effortlessly extend your tracks' length and reach with the aid of this versatile accessory.


Track End Cap: Channels essential power into the lighting track. The live end, housing the junction box, becomes the focal point through which wires seamlessly flow to provide the necessary energy for your lighting fixtures.