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Linear Track Lights – Ideal for accent or task lighting in any residential or commercial environment, linear track lights come in 2, 4, or 8-foot lengths. They offer flexibility to extend the size of the fixture when necessary. Components like T-connectors are used to connect other track lights together, creating a layout design for your living space. There are many styles to choose from, and you can position them anywhere on the track.


Flexible Track Lights – This type of lighting works the same way as linear track lights, providing accent or task lighting. It works well in residential or commercial settings. The benefit of flexible track lights is that they can be curved and cut to a desired size suitable for you. A curved track gives it a personalized look, allowing flexibility for the track to move closer and highlight a specific area.




Two types of tracks are commonly used both in residential and commercial projects:


Single Phase – Used in majority domestic applications. Consists of two wires – active and neutral. Recommended for residential application.


Three Phase – Used in majority commercial and industrial applications. Consists of four wires – three active and neutral. The neutral wire is earthed.




Once the track rail and the size is decided, next stage is selecting the track light heads to suit your living space. There are 4 types available:


Step Head – Standard design and style track head that work with any décor type and it provide an abundance of light to any of your interior space.


Round Back Head – This design has the back head of the light to be round, giving it a more modern sleeker style, ideally suitable for newly custom built homes or commercial space.


Pinhole Head – If you want an industrial feel to your living or commercial space, opt for this style, as the back head is partially exposed.


Gimbal Head – The ability to swivel 180 degrees allows you the flexibility to shine the light to a specific area you want.




To customise your track, these track accessories is necessary for track connections. Track joiners gives you the ability to extend track length while the adaptors gives people the option to hang pendant lights. Below are various types of track accessories to choose from:


Straight Joiner – Ability to connect two linear tracks together extending the tracks to a longer length.


Live End – Provides power to the lighting track. Live wires are feed through this end where the junction box is located.


Centre Feed – Allows two tracks to connect together, with a junction box in between, giving power to be pass through the centre instead one on each end of the track.     


L Shaped Joiner – As the name suggest, this joiner allows you to change the direction of the track to an L shape, continuing the track into another room. Ideal for larger spaces.


T-Shaped Joiner – This joiner has the ability to have three tracks joining in place giving you more flexibility in your track design.


Cross Joiner – Lets you connect four tracks joining in one place creating a large track system or a cross zone design in the house.


Track Adaptor – If you want a decorative fitting like a suspended pendant light to hang from the track rail, the track adaptor gives you the possibility to do this. Track adaptor slides onto the track with live ends and can be utilize when necessary.


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