Vanity & Mirror Lights

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Vanity & Mirror Lights

Bathroom vanity lights or mirror lights are a convenient way of lighting up the bathroom. Vanity lights can enhance the aesthetics of a bathroom by creating an extra layer of light while also being functional by removing unwanted shadows that often occur due to poor lighting. It is commonly used for task lighting, performing a particular tasks such as makeup and shaving application in front of a mirror. The right placement for its functionality is much more important than just the appearance, preventing glare, eyestrain and any other discomfort outcome from poorly positioned lighting. Below are the fundamentals to get started with vanity lights for any bathrooms:

Vanity Lights Sizing: The common question we get asked – does size matter? The size of your vanity light depends on the amount of luminous required and the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom size is larger than standard, you need to consider if there is enough light around the vanity mirror when performing tasks such as applying makeup and shaving.     

Styling & Lighting Types: Find a matching vanity light for your existing or new bathroom can be a daunting task. Vanity light shades comes in variety of shapes and styles, classic bell shape for a traditional look or long cylindrical and rectangular bar for a modern sleek look.  A textured shade gives dimension, a simple clear shade shows more light output. Here are other popular shades that you want to consider: - frosted glass, frosted ribbed glass, hammered glass, white etched glass, alabaster glass and white opal glass. Complement the shades with these finishes: - chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel and oil-rubbed bronze.

Light Bulbs: The colour temperature, lumens and wattage has an important role in the light quality of the bathroom. The commonly used bulbs are Compact Fluorescent and LEDs due to its cost efficiency and less energy consumption. LEDs bulbs and lights have gained a huge traction and popularity due to its cost, energy savings and longer lifespan compared to Compact Fluorescent.     

Vanity Lights Installation: It’s important to position the vanity lights in an appropriate location for maximum usage and brightness. Mounting the fixtures with the light pointed up for ambient lighting, and pointed down for task lighting. The common placement for any bathroom vanity light is straight above the mirror, however this may affect the other half of the bathroom causing it to be poorly lit, leading to false appearance of a dark shadow over the lower eyelid and wrinkles. Avoid these false appearance by considering installing vanity lights with multiple globes, vanity lights above the mirror and on the sides. Remember placing one vanity light on one side will cause uneven lighting, avoid this common mistakes. 

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