Nanoleaf is a smart lighting company that sells lighting products to enhance your luxury living with their high tech LED wall panels. Create an amazing masterpiece with colours on the walls or ceilings and automate your lighting during the day or night with your mobile via an app. Nanoleaf popular products are the Canvas and Rhythm Edition Light Panels. Nanoleaf panels both are suitable for Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Nanoleaf Canvas: Similar to a canvas art, the Nanoleaf Canvas are design for the digital modern era filled with playful ambient lights. Each side of the square is 150mm connected to another square by a flex linker. Instead of drawings, the canvas displays a vast variety of colour lights to suit your liking or mood.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Light Panels: A unique contemporary smart lighting experience like no other. Similar to the Canvas, the Rhythm Edition has 3 sides forming a triangular shape, it is piece together with a flex linker. This colour changing LED light panel can be controlled by an app to set off stunning glowing colours. The technology in this device is amazing, when there are music, the LED panels illuminate colours in tune to the beats.

Make your living and entertainment area as memorable as possible each time someone visits. Endless possibilities with the millions of colours you can customize to suit your life and home décor. An added bonus is this device transform your music listening to another level with mesmerising glows of colours in tune to the beats which will get your friends talking.
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