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Smart chip technology is slowly making into residential homes providing ultimate convenience to households while at the same time save money and energy. Brilliant Lighting is a company ahead of this new innovation leading the way in smart homes industry. Brilliant Lighting sister’s company Brilliant Smart have it all figured out with their wide of lighting, security, electrical and garden range of smart devices.


Smart Lighting: Lighting is the important component in your home. Each time a guest enters, he or she will interact with your lights in some way or form. The interaction can be of the following - mood, light intensity, switch placements and aesthetic design. Now smart lighting brings in a whole new interaction, by voice activation (Google Assistant & Alexa) and can also be controlled by a smartphone with an app. It does not require any hub, it uses existing Wi-Fi connection. Below are the top 4 products in this category of smart lighting designed and manufactured by Brilliant Smart:  


  • Brilliant Smart LED Downlight - It comes in two types CCT and RGB.

CCT: Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) LED downlight ranges between 3000K warm white to 5000K natural light, where K is Kelvin, the SI unit of thermodynamic temperature.

RGB: Controlled by an app, it allows user to tune RGB colour spectrum up to eleven million colours. This also includes the colour temperature of 3000K warm white to 5000K natural light.


  • Brilliant Smart Ceiling Light - This type of ceiling light is also known as an oyster light since the back surface hugs the ceiling. By using the app it has the ability to dim, create schedules and timing to automate your home. The colour temperature ranges between 3000K warm white to 5700K daylight.    


  • Brilliant Smart Globe - This comes in two types CCT and RGB.

CCT: Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) ranges between 2700K warm white to 6500K daylight with 220 degree beam angle. Automate by scheduling through the app adjusting the colours and dimming to satisfy your mood.

RGB: Easily adjust the RGB colour spectrum with a choice of eleven million colours to set up the atmosphere you want. Yes, this include using it as a night light. It works with any 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router with a working range of thirty metres. Full control anywhere using the app and with an added convenience it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • Brilliant Smart Strip Light – LED strip lighting are used in countless indoors and outdoors applications in areas like residential properties, landscaping, motor vehicles, retails, commercial and industrial fields.

Ensure the LED strip lights are weatherproof when it is being used for outdoors. There are two classifications, below IP65 rating is for indoor use while anything above IP65 rating great for outdoor applications.

The main purpose of strip lighting is to enhance the mood to the surroundings. It’s commonly applied in kitchens, cabinets, hallways and stairs to highlight or accenting these areas. These Brilliant Smart strip lights are low in wattage, so convenient that it is easy to DIY   installation, which people prefer because no need for an electrician.


Smart Security: Over the years security has become smarter giving households a piece of mind no matter what they’re doing – at home while asleep or out all day. These smart securities so advanced that it is better return on investment than any old security system can’t offer. This means it protects you in an emergency or safe guard your children at any time throughout the day. Below are a lists of smart security devices available from Brilliant Smart:


  • Brilliant Smart Doorbell – Using this smart security device allows you to check on who is at the front door, you can decide whether to answer it or not. It has a built in infra-red giving you clearer vision at night, providing you extra safety. One great feature is the sensor, detecting any movement on your property, which the trigger an alert to your phone 24/7. With an IP44 rating, it is weather resistant, making it suitable to install in any location.


  • Brilliant Smart Camera – Due to an increase of smart cameras on the market, homeowners have a hard time judging which devices are suitable for their home and use. Brilliant Smart have you covered, now you are no longer need to worry about the integrity of these devices. This brand will keep your family in safe hands and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Below are three types of smart cameras people invested in from Brilliant Smart: 


Handy Camera with Motion Sensor: The name speak for itself in how handy it really is. This camera allows user to take it anywhere around the house and start surveilling to keep a home safe. This device has a built-in infrared night vision and with an advance motion detection and image sensor feature, there’s no way an invader can get away. Learn more about this product here.


Swift Pan & Tilt Camera: Start surveilling your home remotely with this device that has a 355 degrees horizontal and 140 degrees vertical view. When there’s a slight movement, it alerts you by sending notification to your phone or tablet. This keeps you at peace since you can access the recordings from anywhere with your smartphone. Make your home a safe haven with this product.


Trident Solar Camera: You can’t dismiss this outdoor solar smart camera, it is self-operated with no wiring, truly wireless. Yes, this including night time application since it has a built in rechargeable lithium battery pack. With all the added benefits like: - infra-red night vision, 64GB built-in memory, IP65 weather resistant for outdoor use, remote access anywhere by an app and full HD resolution delivering crystal clear videos. A must have product, read more here.


  • Brilliant Smart Security Light – Safe and secure is what most people want wherever they live. Lighting is a huge part that gives people confidence in this area especially external outdoor lighting such as security lights. Brilliant Smart security light has a built in sensor which trigger the light to switch on when movement is detected. Perfect use to deter intruders. It is design to be weatherproof made from durable diecast aluminium. A product that you cannot go without, make sure you get it here.


  • Brilliant Smart Motion Sensor – A motion sensor is the vital component in any home security system since it is the only device are able to detect movements. Once the sensor is tripped, it sends a signal to a security system’s control panel and it is connected to the monitoring centre. The monitoring centre alerts the end user of potential threats within your home. Brilliant Smart motion sensor detects movement within a range of 4-6 metres and easy to DIY since it is battery operated.


  • Brilliant Smart Door & Window Sensor – Get a complete peace of mind that you are safe in your home with Brilliant’s door and window sensor. This device triggers an alarm to your app notifying you any unwanted entry through your window or door. No hardwiring, it is battery operated this means you can DIY saving you electrician cost. For an ultimate safety, consider paring it with Brilliant’s Smart devices, these includes, security lights, smart doorbell, siren/smoke alarm and motion sensors.


  • Brilliant Smart Siren/Alarm – Set off an alarm when an intruder trigger any sensors in your home. This alert will make you aware that someone is in the home or have pass the trigger point (where the sensor installed). The sound level is up to 90dB with 10 different types of alarm. You have the freedom to control this device anywhere via an app, yes this include notification triggered by an intruder.


Smart Electrical: Make your home smart by hard wiring any of Brilliant’s Smart products like the electrical switches, dimmers, wall remote and relays. These smart electrical products requires an electrician for installation for it to work with but not limited Brilliant’s Smart devices. It allows households a piece of mind without the hassle of remembering miscellaneous tasks. It is a set and forget connected system and gives you full control remotely via Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Brilliant Smart Dimmer – Now it is the time to make your existing dimmer to a smart one, by converting it to a smart dimming module. It allows households to dim their lights as desired without being physically there, this is done via through the app. The added benefits of smart dimming includes:

(i) You can control the function by using voice.

(ii) Build schedules and timing for automation.

(iii) Improve bulb/lamp life by using soft start

These smart dimmers are design to fit suitably into existing plate and perfect for new or retro-fit installations. It has an operating range of within 20-30 metres from a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Router and compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


  • Brilliant Smart Wall Switches – Modernize your existing wall switches to Brilliant’s Smart Elite Glass Wall Switches made from tempered glass. It has the capability to monitor power consumption of connected appliances. Like any other Brilliant’s Smart devices, this wall switch automate your day by setting timers and schedulers. A well thought design that has touch control ON/OFF with a blue LED indicator displaying when the light is on.


  • Brilliant Smart Ceiling Fan Remote – If you already have an existing ceiling fan but would like to convert it to a smart one, now you can with Brilliant’s Smart ceiling fan remote control kit. This smart kit has a unique quick connect plug-in design, this permits the remote to be integrated easily without the hassle of wire trimming or joining, provided it is with other existing Brilliant AC ceiling fan. However it is much compatible with other AC ceiling fans brands.


  • Brilliant Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB Charger – Now you can automate your home electronics or appliances by setting timers and schedulers by using Brilliant’s innovative smart Wi-Fi plug. Reduce one thing less to do on your list daily and you will be amaze how much time you’ll saved. As an added bonus, you’ll have the ability to access and manage all your devices from anywhere at any time. If you want to automate up to 4 devices and has an overload protection, opt for a powerboard version, it allows you run these devices at the same time. It is completely compatible with Google Home and Alexa.


Smart Garden: Bring your outdoors to life by switching it up to a colourful wonderland with a touch of your smartphone. Or be warmly greeted automatically as you arrive home into your driveway. Brilliant Smart garden lights will keep your property safe from burglars as it make others think you’re still home. Brilliant Smart garden lights provide the family peace of mind no matter where they are, at home or away.  


  • Brilliant Smart Wi-Fi RGB Garden Light Kit – Now any outdoor garden can be a colourful wonderland with up 14 million RGB colours to choose. Not short of any creativity, imagine what you can do with this Brilliant Smart Wi-Fi RGB garden light kit. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Create schedules and timers anywhere away from your home. Live like a king!


It’s Time To Bring Smart Technology To Your Living And Working Space


Moving forward, more households will start to implement smart technology into their homes like such devices discussed above, due to the convenience it provides. For so many decades, lighting and fans have improve significantly in terms of life and energy usage since it was invented, but the switch itself have never made any progress, it is still the same. We are not saying switches is less important, it still have a purpose and remain useful on the wall. However options like controlling the lights and fans using voice or a smartphone or full automation with motion and contact sensors, it’s a step forward leap in convenience.


Here are some ways smart technology makes your life easier and convenient:


  • The front and backyard outdoor garden lights turns on when the sun sets or off when it rises.


  • Set automatic timer or scheduling to the time you want.


  • Lights and fans automatically turns on when motion sensors detects when you walked in a room.


  • You can set certain areas to light up as you enter your home from work - lamps, fireplace accent lights, kitchen and hallway lights automatically turn on to light your way.


  • Stairways automatically turn itself on when you are about to use the stairs and so much more.


Hopefully now you understand how smart technology can make your life easier to your daily routine. The convenience it has makes it worthwhile to invest in these Brilliant Smart technologies in your living space. You deserve it, enjoy these benefits and live like a celebrity.