Explore the Nordic-influenced style of neutral shades and minimalism design

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Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is extremely popular world-wide for its minimal, elegant design. The keywords are simplicity and a stress-free lifestyle. There is a great emphasis on nature and organic forms, so materials like timber and cotton are prominent.

Long lasting materials like ceramics, glass and steel are also used with clean, minimal and sinuous curves. Colour is also kept to a minimum, so muted pastel colours are introduced to a fundamentally white and off-white interior.

On occasion though, bold primary colours of red, yellow, green and blue are also used to accentuate grey, white and black colours. Decorations tend to reflect the organic, simplified and functional philosophy.

The love and attention that Scandinavians devote to their interior is said to be nurtured from the long hours they spend indoors to avoid the cold winter months. In doing so they have created their own unique design language respected throughout the world.