Ventair Spyda Ceiling Fan

Ventair Spyda Ceiling Fan by Ventair

The Spyda new range ceiling fans takes Ventair to new heights with its innovative quality motor produced with Japanese bearings for a smooth running life. Spyda ceiling fan comes in four blade sizes 36”, 49”, 56” and 62”. The Spyda model has three aerodynamic ABS plastic blades, it specifically designed to withstand the test of time in covered outdoor area and built by employing everlasting corrosion resistant materials.


The Spyda ceiling fan has a low noise output using its patent True-Spin Technology and is perfect for bedrooms. True Spin Technology doesn’t require any balancing and allows quietest of operation while maintaining optimum air circulation. Combining True Spin Technology and the aerodynamic blades has been crafted to achieve excellent power to performance ratio. This powerful combination results in more air movement per watt of power consumption convert directly into energy saving for consumers.


Ventair Spyda ceiling fan comes with a three speed wall controller and has a full range of quick connect accessories including remote controls and extension rods. Available in 6 colours – Satin, White, Matte Black, Titanium, Walnut, Bamboo and Teak. Using the highest quality components and precision engineering, Ventair has created a fan that revolutionise the Australian ceiling fan market. Shop now on our Spyda collection.


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Motor Engineering Perfection

True Spin Technology is the latest development in fan motor engineering, maintaining optimum air circulation in every speed from slow, medium to fast. A very stable unit, no balancing required and has the quietest operation.

High Air Flow Capacity

Spyda ceiling fan are equipped with advanced aerodynamic precision moulded PC blades giving the unit superior balanced performance. Combine with True Spin Technology, the unit produces high volume air circulation.

Indoor & Covered Outdoor

Spyda ceiling fans is sleek and stylish that suits all personal styles, it blends perfectly in any indoor or covered outdoor environment setting. Many colour options to choose from including white, or black and the option for timber.

Longer Smooth Operation

The Spyda ceiling fan series are designed with the highest quality components and precision engineering. High qualitiy Japanese bearings being created for smooth running life that give years of trouble-free operation.

In-Built Anti-Vibration System

Ventair Spyda is a quiet fan that has an in-built anti-vibration system, providing stability, noise reduction and isolate any vibration when mounted onto a ceiling. The perfect place to install this ceiling fan is the bedroom.

Corrosion Proof

Spyda ceiling fans are made with durable corrosion proof components and are safe to used around coastal areas. Premium long life motor and components provide resistance to dust and water with an ingress protection rating IP44.

20 Watts LED Option

The Spyda with light option consist of a powerful bright 20W LED with tri colour temperatures and is dimmable via a wall control or it can be controlled by a remote which can be purchased separately as an accessory.

4 Steps Dimmer

Spyda ceiling fan with light model has a built in 4 step dimming without complicated device or any extra component needed. It is super easy to dim the light to any intensity by simply clicking the light switch.

Tri-Colour LED

Tri-colour (CCT) is where users can switch between three types of colour temperature ranging from 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White and 5000K Daylight. This can be easily selected by using the wall controller.

Lower Power Consumption

The Spyda series incorporates an ECO power saving setting which allows the fan to run without consuming alot of power while maintaining sufficient air circulation. This reduces running costs saving households money.

Summer / Winter Mode

Winter mode (clockwise) draws air upwards circulating warm air within the room. Summer mode (anti-clockwise), the air flows downwards creating a cooling breeze. Perfect combination to use the Spyda ceiling fan all year round.

Fast & Easy to Assemble

The Spyda is easy, quick and hassle free to assemble by an electrician. The components and parts is install friendly with quick connect wiring plug for fast installation. This results in lower installation costs from an electrician.